The Seashell Process

So, what’s been happening in my life these past two and a half weeks? Although I am too pleasantly absorbed in my work to write this blog more often, it’s always nice to reflect back on what I have done and achieved on those days.

Following Jenny’s return to the UK, the weather continued to deteriorate further and we had heaps of rain and thunderstorms. But despite the awful weather, Lisa and I made the effort to ‘partly’ dress up for Captain Jack’s Halloween Party on Friday 31st. Continue reading

Almyrida Comes to Life Again!

I have been having a great time this past week! I have also been getting the rest I so badly needed, enjoying sunny beachcombing days and lunches out with Nick. Easter weekend was spent with lots of friends and frivolity, over-indulging in both food and alcohol. On Easter Saturday at midnight we all watched Judas burn in the great fire in Plaka Square, as is the usual tradition here on Crete. I wrote about it in more detail last year. Continue reading

Fortunate to be in Good Hands

I feel as though I have been on an uncomfortable rollercoaster these past several days -I have been in a bad way! My joint problem appeared to be improving – great news! However, an unfortunate side-effect of the Co-Codamol gave me equally as much pain and discomfort, in fact so much discomfort that I will never take a Co-Codamol again, for as long as I live! Continue reading

Thank God For Such Good Friends.

It’s been a worrying few days since I wrote in my last post that my friend Jackie was going to take me to the Doctor in Kalives. We went first thing Thursday morning and I was so relieved that Jackie came with me. She can vouch for this doctor because she has also had to consult him on something a few months ago. I was grateful for her reassurance on all counts. Also it was a comfort to know that this doctor understands and speaks good English. Continue reading


A couple of posts back I wrote about how we missed Carnival altogether – mainly because we thought that there wasn’t going to be one in Kalives this year. Well I was totally wrong! The reason we got this impression was because Rethymnon decided to have their Carnival early whereas normally, as far as tradition goes, Carnival is always held on the weekend before Clean Monday. Continue reading

Sunshine Brings an Unexpected Pleasure!

I got the Carnival all wrong because it only took place in Rethymnon and not Kalives as we’d first thought. I’ve been to the Rethymnon Carnival a couple of times and it’s a pretty big one with thousands of participators and visitors. All the Greeks really dress up and there is very loud music coming out of enormous speakers in the streets. The partying carries on all weekend. Continue reading

Lucky, Lucky Me!

We’ve had some bad weather recently but today it’s been warm and sunny again! When I got up this morning I just wanted to be outside and in it! So I took myself off to lovely Kalives beach which is only ten minutes away. I spent a couple of blissful hours picking shells in the sunshine, on the warm sand – the whole beach to myself! Oh lucky, lucky me! Continue reading

My Holiday Continues!

I’ve had yet another fab, fab week! How lucky I am to have had these last three weeks to just rest and chill! Perfect at the end of what has been a very busy summer season.

This past week the weather on Crete has been wonderful. Really warm and sunny with just a light breeze keeping temperatures so comfortable to relax in. I have had such a lovely time with Nick. We’ve had three whole days where we’ve just chilled on a quiet sandy beach, listening to music, chatting, having a drink at one of the beach bars and soaking up the atmosphere and the views. Continue reading