Making the Most of the Warm Winter Sunshine

During the last six weeks the weather here on Crete has been switching constantly from cold and stormy to warm and sunny. A few weeks ago so much snow fell in parts of Greece and Athens that the Greek government declared two days of national holiday as services and businesses struggled to cope with these extreme conditions. Greece is just not used to this! Continue reading

Selling my Unique Seashell Mosaics & Collages in Almyrida

After Emma and Ash’s wonderful wedding on 2nd June – already over a month ago, life has resumed its normal pattern and I have been back in full swing with the selling of my unique seashell mosaics and collages.  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I am to be found sitting and working at the edge of the beach in Almyrida with my displays and work table. Continue reading

Introducing my New Baby Grandson, Ralph!

Everything that has happened during this past month has been completely overshadowed by the arrival of my new baby Grandson, Ralph! Having had two beautiful daughters, a grandson was just what I’d been hoping for and he is just gorgeous! He also shares my own scorpio birth sign, having come into the world on 15th November. I have loved all my Skype calls with Emma – Ralph snuggled so contentedly on her chest and last weekend he was sleeping peacefully on his doting Aunty Zoe’s chest! I am counting the days – only 3 left – until I can hold him in my arms too! I am overjoyed and truly thankful that he is simply perfect! Continue reading

How I love to be a Tourist on Sundays!

Sales of my unique Seashell Mosaics and Collages have been truly mega in August. Reaching a record level again – I have been rushed off my feet work-wise! Among the poplular choices this year have been my little Greek Donkey and small Sailboat designs and, as always, the Baby Turtles Race for the sea. Continue reading