Fun Days and Nights with Fran

During these past two weeks, every day that I haven’t been selling, Fran and I have been on days and trips out. We couldn’t have packed any more into our days and nights than we did! We both thoroughly enjoy exploring new places and share a love of adventure. So this has been another wonderful opportunity for us to spend real quality time doing all the things we love doing – which we haven’t done since Fran visited Crete two years ago in May 2012. Continue reading

Crete’s Dirty Red Rain!

Believe it or not the weather has been quite unsettled here on Crete – given the time of year. Perhaps it is down to global warming and if other countries have had uncharacteristic weather then why not Crete? Everyone who lives here agrees that the weather we’re having for June – is definitely not usual. I remember it was like this last year too and yet in previous years you could pretty much say it would be blue skies and wall to wall sunshine from May through to the end of September. Continue reading

One to Avoid – A Company Called Cretan Life (AKA

During these last five years there has been only one black cloud over my otherwise wonderful horizon. I have been trying to secure the return of a considerable sum of money that I loaned to a company called Cretan Life. You may think I am completely mad to do such a thing but you see I knew the owner of the company very well. He was my employer and a dear friend for about 15 years. Cretan Life started out as a UK based company and was then changed to a Greek one. Continue reading