Walking in the Snowy Mountains

It seems to me to be all about contrasts since I returned from the UK. Living in Crete is so much less hectic and more peaceful compared with the sheer volume of people, traffic, shops and buildings that I have recently experienced during my stay in the UK. I notice this every year and I have come home again to Crete with a smug feeling of relief and real freedom. Continue reading

A Fab End to 2014 and a Wonderful Start for 2015!

I had the best time in the UK over Christmas and New Year. It was packed with social engagements of quality time with my family and friends. My two weeks were filled to the brim with happiness, laughter, fun and yet more wonderful memories to cherish!
Not one day was I poorly, my preparations for the flights over having paid off, thankfully! What a contrast it was to last year, when I just wasn’t feeling like myself. I couldn’t have asked for a better time. Continue reading