All kinds of Painting

I have been very busy, as usual, continuing to build up my stock of seashell mosaics and collages and also preparing for the website. David (my fellow artist friend whom I exhibit with) and I share a website to showcase our art. David is busy re-vamping the site and I am trying to re-take photographs of my 3D canvases, which is more difficult than you can imagine! Continue reading

Still Enjoying the Winter Sun!

The weather here in Crete has been just wonderful! Nearly every day has been sunny and warm, saving me money on Calor Gas bottles and hot water (which of course is heated by the sun through solar panels on the roof). So when the sun has crept onto my balcony in the afternoons – from then until sundown I have been working there most days. Continue reading

Sunshine Brings an Unexpected Pleasure!

I got the Carnival all wrong because it only took place in Rethymnon and not Kalives as we’d first thought. I’ve been to the Rethymnon Carnival a couple of times and it’s a pretty big one with thousands of participators and visitors. All the Greeks really dress up and there is very loud music coming out of enormous speakers in the streets. The partying carries on all weekend. Continue reading

Lucky, Lucky Me!

We’ve had some bad weather recently but today it’s been warm and sunny again! When I got up this morning I just wanted to be outside and in it! So I took myself off to lovely Kalives beach which is only ten minutes away. I spent a couple of blissful hours picking shells in the sunshine, on the warm sand – the whole beach to myself! Oh lucky, lucky me! Continue reading

So Life Goes On…

It’s been a tough week – both emotionally and physically. Paul’s passing has left me reeling and I’ve had to cope with three days of monotonous railings to paint. It’s so frustrating when you’ve just spent four or five hours painstakingly glossing the damn things – when the wind decides to gust seemingly out of nowhere, and proceeds to coat them all in twigs, flowers, leaves and flies! Continue reading