Lucky, Lucky Me!

We’ve had some bad weather recently but today it’s been warm and sunny again! When I got up this morning I just wanted to be outside and in it! So I took myself off to lovely Kalives beach which is only ten minutes away. I spent a couple of blissful hours picking shells in the sunshine, on the warm sand – the whole beach to myself! Oh lucky, lucky me! Then I came home, had lunch and sat at the table on my balcony – again in the sunshine – and cleaned and sorted all the shells I’d found. Oh, and grateful thanks must go to in California, whose shells I was also sorting and who very recently supplied me with exactly what I wanted. I will definitely be ordering from them again.

I really need to spend more time on marketing myself which I have neglected for a long time. I haven’t uploaded even a tenth of the artworks I have to offer so I have much work to do on the websites. Including this blog, I also share a website with my artist friend David, whom I have mentioned in previous posts. In addition to uploading more of my artworks on it I must also spend time on the images as that’s the most important thing even though I still maintain that my 3D Seashell Mosaics & Collages need to be viewed in real terms. It’s impossible to appreciate the 3D effect in photographs. I also want to re-write the leaflet copy as it’s not really me speaking on it. It was dear Paul’s writing mostly and I shall be keeping many of his lovely phrases. However his sudden death did prove a scare for several days because it meant that I could have lost all the artwork for the leaflet as it was all on his computer! I was stupid that I didn’t get him to email me a copy before he left for Spain. But he insisted that he would continue to produce the leaflets for me and send them on. Luckily, through contact with Paul’s brother Neil and then his friend John, who downloaded all my stuff onto his computer and then emailed it all to me – I was saved! How good is that?

It is so wonderful to be able to work for myself, to have purely my own schedule, to have the luxury of deciding what to do every day and to be able to fill each day with so much. It’s why I went to the beach today. Most days I feel like the cat that got the cream!

I still can’t help feeling how lucky I am that I am living this life here on Crete. Years ago I used to dream about a better life – one that was filled with sunshine, creativity and nature – pure and simple! I wanted to look outside my windows and see more of the world. I didn’t want to work indoors all the time. I wanted to spend time appreciating the wonderful world we are so lucky to live in. Well I can tell you that dreams really do come true because I have all this now and more…

This weekend it’s Carnival so hopefully there will be some serious partying to be done!

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