Wild Horses Won’t Stop me from Spending Christmas with my Family!

Having been in lockdown ever since my last post, there is very little to talk about and so this is just a short post before I leave for the UK for Christmas. It is only 3 days till I go yet I still have not had confirmation of an alternative flight I accepted after yet another was cancelled 2 weeks ago. I knew that because of this pandemic, trying to get to the UK for Christmas was never going to be easy. I expected cancelled flights but wild horses aren’t going to stop me from trying! Unfortunately, because it wasn’t a straightforward trip, I booked through Lastminute.com and frankly they have been horrendous! Without going into all the gory details, it looks like I may have to wait until the day before I fly for their confirmation that I am even going! However, in my ever positive frame of mind – I believe I will be on those flights as planned and I refuse to let Lastminute.com stress me out.

Personal exercise walks on Kalyves beach.

Personal exercise walks on Kalyves beach.

During lockdown I have been getting out in the wonderful Cretan fresh air for ‘personal exercise’, taking my power walks and also going for long walks on Kalyves beach with Lisa and Debbie. We’ve been collecting firewood for Lisa’s Zomba because the beaches are full of branches and tree trunks, amongst a myriad of other debris. This all washed up on the shores after the bad weather we had a couple of weeks ago. Whenever I am there I can’t help thinking how lucky we are to have a choice of beautiful beaches to walk on. A couple of weeks ago Debbie and I went to Georgioupoli beach, which is probably a little out of our locality but we thought worth the risk. It’s only a 15 minute drive and we took a picnic lunch so we could make a day of it. This beach is so vast that it would take us all day to walk it!  All our local beach walks have been lovely and it didn’t seem to matter that we weren’t allowed to travel further afield.

Seashell Mosaic Collage Painting - 18 x 24cms

Seashell Mosaic Collage Painting – 18 x 24cms

Seashell Mosaic Collage Painting - 18 x 24cms

Seashell Mosaic Collage Painting – 18 x 24cms

On the work front I managed to complete a couple of new Seashell Mosaic designs. In all the years I have been creating these mosaics, I never got around to making one of cats even though they are everywhere here on Crete! I didn’t think they would work in seashell mosaic because of the fur. But most cats have short hair and because I already produce successful mosaics of donkeys – I thought it might just work with cats too! I’ve also added beach pebbles for the wall and steps because I simply don’t have suitable seashells and anyway, the stone wall and steps may as well be made of pebbles. I will be adding these new designs to my Etsy shop in the New Year.

So that’s about it for this post. From Tuesday I will be ensconced with my family in the UK… looking forward to having the best Christmas we can in these worrying and unprecedented times.

So Happy to be Beachcombing Again!

When I came back from the UK late October I brought my sister Leonie back with me. She has had many serious problems with her leg over this past year and it was time for her to think about her return to Cyprus. Crete was a natural first step and I really enjoyed Leonie’s company for the few weeks she stayed with me. Continue reading

Life is full of Surprises!

Here we are nearing the end of August and it’s looking like being the worst August for sales that I’ve ever had! How can I have survived so well during seven long years of world recession, only to be thwarted by Britain’s sudden and dramatic exit from the EU! Naturally I have only assumed this outcome from all the facts I have accumulated over the years. The British are definitely my biggest customers, followed closely by the Scandinavians, Americans and Europeans. Continue reading

Fran and I Enjoy Exploring More of Crete.

Since Fran returned to the UK, having spent two whole weeks with me – I’ve been running around like a headless chicken, in an effort to catch up on production of my unique seashell mosaics and mixed media art! I am now well into the busiest part of my summer selling season and that means I must work countless hours during the days I am home, in order to produce enough artworks to meet demand. During the two weeks Fran was here, we went out every day I wasn’t selling and what a fab time we had too! Continue reading

All Things Beach.

Down by the beach in Almyrida it is hot, hot, hot! But selling conditions couldn’t be better and for the last month or so the breeze coming off the sea has been just perfect for keeping me cool whilst I work on my seashell mosaics. My summer office is quite idyllic and if I do get overheated then I just put up my ‘Back in 10 Minutes’ sign, grab my towel and go for a quick swim in the sea – how wonderful is that?! Continue reading

My Best Exhibition Ever!

Oh how the time flies by when you are enjoying life! Shortly after Emma and Ash’s return to the UK I received the surprising but wonderful news that I am to become a Nana in November! Emma is going to have a baby! They hadn’t planned for it, having only just set a rough date for their wedding next year, but they are nonetheless thrilled to bits and I can hardly contain my own excitement! So it looks like I’ll be paying an early visit back to the UK this year – to see and be with my first grandchild! Continue reading

Happily Planning for a Big Family Wedding in Crete!

There’s been so much I’ve wanted to write about – but no time in which to do it! My life is always so full anyway but right now it’s all about family. I have exciting news to impart which you will already have gathered from my heading of this post and I shall go into more detail about it later… Continue reading

Almyrida Flooded After Big Storm Hits!

After Nick went back, at first the weather was settled and warm so I returned to my winter job of painting and decorating – all outside work. This time (unfortunately) I did two days of painting awful black railings. However, about ten days ago it all changed and we had horrendous storms that heavy rains and gusty winds had whipped up. Continue reading