Having Lots of Fun Playing with the Grandchildren!

Emma, Ralph and Neve returned to the UK almost 2 weeks ago and I have been so busy with my art business that this is the first opportunity I have had to write a post about their stay with me.  We had a rather worrying start to the holiday with Neve being poorly and Emma unsure whether she was well enough to travel.  But both Ralph and Neve came running from the arrivals/baggage hall, under the barrier and into my welcoming arms, as soon as they saw me!  And I breathed a huge sigh of relief.  Neve has child asthma and there was every chance that they may not have been able to come to Crete at all.  So Emma and I felt extremely fortunate and I knew that Crete’s wonderful fresh air would be really good for Neve.. and it certainly was!

Ralph & Neve on my balcony

Ralph & Neve on my balcony before we head off to the beach in Almyrida

Needless to say it was a full week as we alternated between pool and beach days.  The pool days were largely spent at the Almyrida Beach Hotel where we always had a nice lunch and we did spend one day at the Almyrida Bay Hotel because it has such a huge pool with good facilities for children.  But it was like last year, in need of a little attention and not very well staffed. Although the lack of people staying meant it was very quiet and this was actually quite nice.

On the beach early eveing after a pizza tea in Almyrida

On the beach early eveing after a pizza tea in Almyrida

We enjoyed days on both beach ends of Almyrida, especially loving the Tsunami beach where there are shallow rock pools which Ralph and Neve loved exploring and swimming in.  I turned myself into a big kid again and Ralph and I especially enjoyed jumping over all the large waves coming in, getting drenched, losing our footing countless times and laughing our socks off as larger waves loomed towards us!  It was perfectly safe too because the sea is so shallow in that area.

Swimming in the shallow rock pools at the Tsunami beach end of Almyrida

Swimming in the shallow rock pools at the Tsunami beach end of Almyrida


On our last evening we ate out instead of at home and dined at Elia & Thyme restaurant in Almyrida.  It was a lovely meal which we followed with drinks for Emma and me, and ice creams for the kids on the beautiful roof terrace of the Almyrida Residence Hotel.  Here Emma revisited some wonderful memories of her wedding reception which was held there in June 2016.  Emma and I just relaxed back on the plush sunbeds on the raised decking by the infinity pool, while Ralph and Neve ran around like kids do.

Ralph & Neve have fun with the dinghy and all those penguins someone was selling!

Ralph & Neve have fun with the dinghy and all those penguins someone was selling!

I had a really wonderful time playing and swimming with Ralph and Neve and I know I am really going to miss them when they are gone…  The week just passed too quickly and then suddenly I was driving them back to Chania airport for their late flight home.  Their flight was delayed almost 3 hours and didn’t take off until 2am!  The problems ongoing in the travel industry and at the airports this summer are dreadful and especially stressful for families with small children.

Outside my home before we go out to eat in Almyrida

Outside my home before we go out to eat in Almyrida

So with family back in the UK, I got down to creating more designs that I have sold out of.  July turned out to be a bumper month and I sold 40 seashell mosaics, including a couple of sales at the Gavalochori gift shop, which is now stocking around 20 of my Seashell Mosaic Paintings.

August is also proving to be a busy month for sales and once again I find that there are not enough hours to enable me to keep up with demand.   But I am sticking to setting up my stall on only Mondays and Thursdays so that it is not quite as hectic as the years before Covid, when I was by Almyrida beach 3 days a week.

At Elia & Thyme in Almyrida

At Elia & Thyme in Almyrida


At the beginning of September my lovely and dear friends, Gill and Rick are returning to Crete with Rick’s brother and his wife, after the absence of a few years (Covid didn’t help!) They are all staying at the Emerald and I am so looking forward to seeing them here again.  On the 8th September Zoe, Rich and little Arthur are coming to stay with me and I am super excited about their visit too, especially as they didn’t make it to Crete last year.  Happily there is still so much to look forward to this summer….



Now I Have Time for Everything Including Lots of Socialising!

The weather has much improved since my last post and Almyrida has fully opened up for the early tourists. I am going to set up my stall and display in a few days and I am thrilled to be able to start this summer season in May instead of July or only August, as was the case in 2020 and 2021. I am particularly looking forward to welcoming the English tourists back to Crete. Continue reading

Wild Horses Won’t Stop me from Spending Christmas with my Family!

Having been in lockdown ever since my last post, there is very little to talk about and so this is just a short post before I leave for the UK for Christmas. It is only 3 days till I go yet I still have not had confirmation of an alternative flight I accepted after yet another was cancelled 2 weeks ago. I knew that because of this pandemic, trying to get to the UK for Christmas was never going to be easy. I expected cancelled flights but wild horses aren’t going to stop me from trying! Continue reading

So Happy to be Beachcombing Again!

When I came back from the UK late October I brought my sister Leonie back with me. She has had many serious problems with her leg over this past year and it was time for her to think about her return to Cyprus. Crete was a natural first step and I really enjoyed Leonie’s company for the few weeks she stayed with me. Continue reading

Life is full of Surprises!

Here we are nearing the end of August and it’s looking like being the worst August for sales that I’ve ever had! How can I have survived so well during seven long years of world recession, only to be thwarted by Britain’s sudden and dramatic exit from the EU! Naturally I have only assumed this outcome from all the facts I have accumulated over the years. The British are definitely my biggest customers, followed closely by the Scandinavians, Americans and Europeans. Continue reading

Fran and I Enjoy Exploring More of Crete.

Since Fran returned to the UK, having spent two whole weeks with me – I’ve been running around like a headless chicken, in an effort to catch up on production of my unique seashell mosaics and mixed media art! I am now well into the busiest part of my summer selling season and that means I must work countless hours during the days I am home, in order to produce enough artworks to meet demand. During the two weeks Fran was here, we went out every day I wasn’t selling and what a fab time we had too! Continue reading

All Things Beach.

Down by the beach in Almyrida it is hot, hot, hot! But selling conditions couldn’t be better and for the last month or so the breeze coming off the sea has been just perfect for keeping me cool whilst I work on my seashell mosaics. My summer office is quite idyllic and if I do get overheated then I just put up my ‘Back in 10 Minutes’ sign, grab my towel and go for a quick swim in the sea – how wonderful is that?! Continue reading

My Best Exhibition Ever!

Oh how the time flies by when you are enjoying life! Shortly after Emma and Ash’s return to the UK I received the surprising but wonderful news that I am to become a Nana in November! Emma is going to have a baby! They hadn’t planned for it, having only just set a rough date for their wedding next year, but they are nonetheless thrilled to bits and I can hardly contain my own excitement! So it looks like I’ll be paying an early visit back to the UK this year – to see and be with my first grandchild! Continue reading