Still Loving the Holiday Atmosphere in Almyrida

Why does time have to pass so quickly? Maybe it’s because my life is so full and busy or maybe it’s just because I’m growing older…? They say that time flies by as you get older. It’s true.. and as always happens, Karen and Mike’s visit came and went in a flash!

We had such a good time! Lots of ‘catch up’ chat and discussion, lots of laughing, wining and dining out every night; lovely lunches at beachside tavernas in Almyrida and Kalyves, where we had plenty of relaxation, swimming, chatting and playing games!

Karen & Mike

Karen & Mike – having just retrieved Mike’s cap from the wilderness that is my garden downstairs! It had blown off Mike’s head while we were on the balcony in the strong winds.

We also went on Yorgos’ Speedboat Trip. I’ve taken other visitors on this trip but not Karen and Mike and I was keen to see if they enjoyed it. It’s only a two hour journey and covers the coastline from Almyrida, past Kokkino Chorio and beyond. Along the way we stop at many interesting caves, until we come to the one where a Greek man lived for many years before meeting and marrying an Englishwoman! At this point on the trip, those who wish to take a closer look, are encouraged to jump off the boat and climb onto the rocks. The entrance to the cave is situated high up and one must first navigate a series of steps and ladders the Greek man built, in order to reach the entrance to the cave. This all looks a little scary from ground level and many people, including some of my friends, have not attempted the climb. You couldn’t keep me from going up there though – every time! I was fascinated to see how this amazing Greek man lived – so ‘at one with Nature’ – for so long.

It was only last year that I was lucky enough to meet him! He came to my stall by the edge of Almyrida beach, bought one of my artworks and we got chatting. He was accompanied by the Englishwoman he fell in love with and today they live happily in a village called Kefelas, in a very unusual house that I’m sure he constructed himself!

The Scream that is embedded in the cliff face!

‘The Scream’ that is embedded in the cliff face!

But I digress!! Back to the trip and at certain points, Yorgos points up at the cliffs and we see goats hanging there precariously… as if they have special hooves keeping them attached to the practically vertical jagged rock! There were lots of them and I can’t remember seeing them on Yorgos’ trips before. So when we reach the Greek man’s cave – Yorgos explains that all the activity of the goats has dislodged many pieces of rock, making the climb up rather more dangerous. Naturally, he was concerned for everyone’s safety, but what a shame! I’m so glad I saw inside the cave when I did.  I didn’t take many photos this time, but I wish I could find the ones of the Greek man’s cave I’d previously taken.

After the cave, Yorgos took us to an area along the coast which is good for snorkelling and we stayed there for about 45 minutes. Karen was not so confident about snorkelling, but after some good tuition from Yorgos and about 15 minutes’ practice – she had improved massively and loved it! We saw lots of brightly coloured fish and rocks of all forms and shades. It had been so hot again that it was wonderfully refreshing to spend time in the water! We all agreed that despite not seeing the Greek man’s cave, it was still a great trip.

Enjoying a drink or two at Franscoise in Almyrida

Enjoying a drink or two at Francois in Almyrida – Karen and I at the start of their holiday.

All in all we spent a wonderful quality week together. This is indeed rare because when I return to the UK at Christmas times, Karen and Mike’s home is like Piccadilly Circus, with family members coming and going all the while! But it was over too soon and I am missing them lots – just as I am missing Ralph. I love to see him on Skype, watch him playing and chatting away to himself.. now just starting to string words together. I so love him to bits!

On the beach work front… I am fumbling along like all the other people who work in Almyrida for the summer season. It’s not the same as it’s been for the last 7 years… something’s changed. Tourists are not spending as much and there is nothing anybody can do about it! Never mind – I am still enjoying my beach selling days and loving the holiday atmosphere. Almyrida is busy and buzzing! I still count myself lucky that I am selling my seashell mosaic artworks every day, albeit fewer in number. I am always happy to see customers I’ve met from over the years, as well as meeting new people. This week just gone, weather conditions have been ideal for selling – not too hot with a nice breeze off the sea. But temperatures are souring again and I just know I’ll find myself frequently dipping in the sea to cool off!

Beautiful sunset in Almyrida

Just couldn’t resist – another beautiful sunset from my balcony!

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