Always Believe Something Wonderful is going to Happen.

I have just enjoyed the most wonderful week with my Daughter Emma, Son-in-Law Ash, and gorgeous grandchildren Ralph and Neve!
Because Ash has not been able to go on holiday with his family, since their wedding here 4 years ago, they decided to book a lovely family room at the Almyrida Beach hotel, so that they would have a more restful holiday. The fact that Ralph and Neve are at the ages of 4 and 2, I now realize what a handful they are and how hectic things would have been if they’d all stayed at mine! Big bonus for me too really.. as I got to spend plenty of absolute quality time playing with Ralph and Neve, without all the clearing up!

Having fun with Ralph and Neve at the far beach in Almyrida

Having fun with Ralph and Neve at the far beach in Almyrida

We spent every day by the pool or at the beach. In all the years I have lived here – I have never been in the full sun so much in one week! But these two adorable, boisterous little monkeys, Ralph and Neve were hardly out of the water and I just couldn’t stop playing with them! I loved every single moment of it and some!

All of us before dinner, by the poolside of the Almyrida Beach Hotel

All of us before dinner, by the poolside of the Almyrida Beach Hotel

We had lunch in Almyrida every day, either at the poolside, by the beach or at Françoise and we also enjoyed some lovely family evening meals at Umami and Psaros too. Almyrida itself seemed busier with tourists in most of the restaurants, yet it was still so quiet for the end of July. Not many people walking in the street.

Enjoying the lovely pool at the Almyrida Beach Hotel

Enjoying the lovely pool at the Almyrida Beach Hotel

Halfway through the week I had Ralph and Neve for tea and a sleepover. Ralph was so excited and so was I!! I would get my precious Grandchildren all to myself for a while and Emma and Ash could have their much-needed break from the kids.

All of us at Umami Asian Fusion Restaurant in Almyrida

All of us at Umami Asian Fusion Restaurant in Almyrida

They had a date night… to celebrate and rekindle memories of their amazing wedding here on Crete in 2016. They kicked off the late afternoon with cocktails on the Almyrida Residence Roof Garden, followed by a slap up meal at the relatively new restaurant – Almyvita. It’s a little on the posh side, expensive and much out of character with the rest of Almyrida, I think. Nevertheless, Emma and Ash dined on the rooftop there and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They reported the food and service as excellent!

Emma, Ash, Ralph & Neve by the children's pool at the Almyrida Beach Hotel

Emma, Ash, Ralph & Neve by the children’s pool at the Almyrida Beach Hotel

Meanwhile, Ralph, Neve and I had a wonderful time at mine and wow – did they wear me out! There’s a reason you’re meant to have kids when you’re young. I didn’t train with Charlie last week, but I got plenty of exercise every single day with my lively Grandchildren! I can’t find the words to express what an amazing week it was for me… one I never thought possible this year. The pictures in the Photo Album at the end of this post, say it all.

Getting ready for a day out with Carl, Linda & Charlie on Carl Axon's Rock 'n Roll Boat!

Getting ready for a day out with Carl, Linda & Charlie on Carl Axon’s Rock ‘n Roll Boat!

Not long before Emma and Ash arrived, Charlie and I were invited to spend the day with Carl and Linda on his speedboat – ‘Rock ‘n Roll’. A totally apt name for a talented musician who once was a member of ‘Doctor & the Medics’ – and who had a hit with the well-known soundtrack, ‘Spirit in the Sky’. Carl took us everywhere on his boat and I saw places I hadn’t seen before – beautiful areas of coastline that can only be viewed from a boat.

It turns out that Carl knew the owners of the charming Greek summerhouse where Zoe and Rich held their wedding in 2018. He steered the boat up close to the shore and it all looked so beautiful and idyllic, with its own little pebble beach. Zoe, the bridesmaids and myself were supposed to have made our arrival by boat on the day, right there on that little beach. But sadly that had to be cancelled because the sea was too rough! This was the first time I had seen this idyllic place form the sea and it brought back so many wonderful memories. We had a fabulous day out on Carl’s boat and as my Daughters both remarked – on watching the video I sent – “Mum, you have the best life!” Don’t I just!!

My friend Debbie finally returned to Crete after a long absence, due to a bleed on the brain. Following an excellent new form of treatment from the top surgeon in Athens and after a long convalescence in the UK with her family, she is back where she loves to be and none the worse for her frightening experience. So this is also wonderful news! She is staying with Lisa at the mansion for now and we all had a lovely afternoon, a couple of weeks ago at Almy on Kalyves Beach.  They have such comfy sunbeds there!

Best seller last year! Inspirational quote written in real sand, acrylic painting 3D Artwork, available to purchase from my Etsy shop - SeashellBeautyinArt

Best seller last year! Inspirational quote written in real sand, acrylic painting 3D Artwork, available to purchase from my Etsy shop – SeashellBeautyinArt

As soon as my family left, I decided to try my first day of selling by the beach in Almyrida. I still can’t quite get my head around the fact that the first day of my season was 3rd August, when normally I would have already been selling for 3 months! Debbie and Lisa both came down to Almyrida to keep me company while we had lunch at my stall and display. Later Marriane, who runs the tour desk next to me, started her first day and it was great to catch up with her again too. I really enjoyed my first day back, doing what I’ve done for the last 11 summers.. and I feel so lucky again, because, despite the lack of tourists around – I sold 2 of my Seashell Mosaic Collages to some lovely Norwegians. Amazingly, the first one I sold was the popular design I created last year – “Always believe something wonderful is going to happen”.
People all over the world need to believe this inspirational quote right now, because it truly inspires hope. I know it’s made lots of wonderful things happen for me!


"This is the life!" Ralph Lying on his surf board

“This is the life!” Ralph Lying on his surf board


Missing Almyrida’s Tourists

I realize that I haven’t posted for many weeks, but then there hasn’t really been much to write about.  For the first time in 11 years I have not been selling my unique Seashell Mosaic Paintings & Collages by the beach in Almyrida. I have dearly missed seeing the tourists that visit Almyrida every year and meeting all the new visitors that arrive from all over the world. I have missed that wonderful holiday atmosphere that is so normally prevalent in Almyrida during the summer months from May to October. I have missed all the buzz and the fun that comes with my beach selling season.

Almyrida - open for the summer but no tourists, so totally deserted!

Almyrida – open for the summer but no tourists, so totally deserted!

However, with circumstances changing constantly as a result of Covid-19, I plan to keep an eagle’s eye on the status of Almyrida, week by week. Depending on how many tourists are able to visit Greece as travel restrictions are relaxed, I may yet get an opportunity to set up my stall again, even if it’s just for an odd day now and then.

The Almyrida Residence Hotel reopens on Friday and I am hearing locally of villa and apartment bookings which all give me fresh hope. With airlines now offering flights at prices ‘never to be seen again’ – I have a feeling that I will finally have some selling days to look forward to. As it turns out, Emma and Ash have taken advantage of the cheap flights and have booked to come to Crete on 25th July for one week. I am literally over the moon!! I really did not think I would see my Grandchildren, Ralph and Neve at all this summer, so I am justifiably overjoyed!

One of Almyrida's beaches - without tourists - rows of empty sunbeds.

One of Almyrida’s beaches – without tourists – rows of empty sunbeds.

Everywhere in Almyrida is open and as you’d expect it to be… apart from the unbelievable lack of a single tourist! It is so surreal and strange to behold and all the local Greeks who work here can scarcely believe it. The expats who live here are the only ones giving them any business. I have been into Almyrida several times over the last few weeks and each time it seems weird. Lisa and I have had a couple of afternoons relaxing on Almyrida beach by the Cantina and last Saturday, Charlie and I decided to be tourists for a whole day in Almyrida. We started off with coffee and then lunch at Franscoise, then because the sea was too rough for a swim, we moved on to Captain Jack’s to shoot some pool at their seaside terrace.

Get me - about to pot the black and beating Charlie!

Get me – about to pot the black and beating Charlie!

Neither of us had played for years and I felt a little like a pool hustler when I beat Charlie at the best of 3! Mark and his friend challenged us to a couple of doubles matches – but we lost both games. I really enjoyed our ‘tourist’ day and we have been down to Almyrida’s beaches for a swim, followed by coffee at Franscoise several times already.

Somewhere on the south coast of Crete - a beautiful almost deserted beach!

Somewhere on the south coast of Crete – a beautiful almost deserted beach!

Charlie and I had a wonderful day out on the South Coast about a month ago. We visited several beaches along the coastline. Restaurants and bars were still not open then, but we were able to eat our picnic lunch sitting comfortably outside a lovely beachside taverna, with the kind and welcoming permission of the Greek owner. All the beautiful beaches were deserted…. so strange to see during the summer months, when normally they would be full of tourists. It is like living on a paradise island and having it all to yourself!

Even visiting Chania a few weeks ago – Charlie and I were amazed to see how quiet the harbour front was. By then all the restaurants were open again, but only a few Greeks and expats were eating or drinking there. The harbour front itself was deserted of all people and this was on a Saturday. Weird.

Charlie & me on Chania's deserted harbour front

Charlie & me on Chania’s deserted harbour front

I spent a day with Lisa visiting an area they call ‘Chania Camping’ in Agios Apostles. Charlie first showed me the place when we were in Chania and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it before. It really is gorgeous! Almost like a tiny island, surrounded by beaches – every one of them different so that Lisa and I had a job to decide which one we wanted to settle on for the day. In the middle of all these beaches lies a large wooded area, like a small forest.  I should have taken some photos but for some reason I didn’t think to. Although it was only a Tuesday, Chania Camping was busy with Greeks enjoying their own local beautyspots for a change when they would usually be working the bars and restaurants.

Since the restaurants and tavernas reopened, we have enjoyed a meal out with friends at my favourite restaurant, Umami, another quiz night at Captain Jack’s and the first live music gig of the summer. Carl Axon & the Rocking Rebels played at Kavros, near Georgioupoli, to mark the first day when restrictions were lifted for live music gatherings. It has been wonderful to be socialising and catching up with friends again.

Another awesome sunset as seen from my balcony

Another awesome sunset as seen from my balcony

As for my workouts and training – I am still really enjoying them, so that they have now truly become a normal part of my new lifestyle. Despite what I wrote in my last post about it being too hot for our bike rides… Charlie and I managed a further 5 rides a couple of weeks ago, when the weather cooled, with cloudy skies and a fair breeze – all conditions making it more doable.

Missing my 3 Grandchildren

Missing my 3 Grandchildren

Since the temperatures soared, we have been exercising regularly in the pool as well. This is such fun and so refreshing in the heat. Charlie devised some excellent pool exercises and sometimes we are in there for an hour or more, without realising because the time just flies by. Not only am I feeling much fitter, but I have managed to gain 4lbs in the last 4 months which I am thrilled to bits about and which Charlie reckons is all muscle gain. So the combination of workouts with weights, general and varied cardiac exercise and an increased protein diet is producing all the desired results. You see I wanted to get fit but I was worried I would loose weight in the process, as I am prone to do. So Charlie’s personal training programme is absolutely right for me!

It has been a worrying time for me where my Etsy shop is concerned.  During lockdown I had quite a few sales, but Covid-19 has taken its toll on the world’s shipping and postal services.  An order to the UK took 4 weeks to arrive and the situation was much worse in the US, where I had 2 orders languishing at the Chicago depot for many weeks.  Only this week have USPS been able to start dealing with the backlog of international parcels.  What a relief, as I feared my Artworks would get lost in all the confusion.

Stopped for a coffee on the far beach at Kalyves.. Same picture as in Almyrida - no tourists!

Stopped for a coffee on the far beach at Kalyves.. Same picture as in Almyrida – no tourists!

So despite all the weird circumstances of living day to day when there is a pandemic raging across the world – I still feel unbelievably fortunate to be living here on Crete and have much to look forward to. Gradually more social events are being planned and there’s a big Birthday Party coming up in a couple of weeks. But best of all (and fingers crossed) I get to see Emma, Ash, Ralph and Neve at the end of July and maybe Zoe, Rich and Arthur will be able to visit later in the summer. It’s always good to stay positive.

Lovely Cretan Winter Sun & Working Outside on my Balcony

During these last five or six weeks I have thrown myself back into my Art and creating Seashell Mosaic designs in readiness for the coming summer beach selling season. Designs such as Seagulls, Girls on Swings, “Always Believe…” sand quote and Pink Flamingos were in great demand, yet I could not produce enough last summer, after selling out of the ones I created over the winter months. So I am hoping I will be better prepared this year. Continue reading

The Year 2020 is Sure to be a Good One!

I came back home to Crete for New Year, after having had a wonderful Christmas in the UK with all my family. I returned on the 28th December to dreadful weather, having missed all the best of it whilst I was in the UK. The thunderstorms in Plaka were so severe that most of us didn’t have internet for days and power cuts were frequent. My car battery had died and it appears that there are some electric issues too, which I am still trying to sort out. I am thankful for my good friends Atremis and Rob, who both went out of their way to help me.. right up until New Year’s Eve! Continue reading

August is Still the Busiest Time of my Year

Even though I wrote in my last post that I was having a more relaxing summer.. August has ended up being surprisingly busy for me!  I say this because – like all the other businesses in Almyrida this summer – customers have been few and far between.  August has always been my busiest month for sales and I am pleased to say that this year was no exception!  In the current circumstances, I count myself extremely fortunate to have sold 54 Artworks in August, including a couple of sales on my Etsy shop – Continue reading

Enjoying More Free Time This Summer.

The summer months from May through to September are normally so busy and hectic for me!  Looking back over the last ten years – I really have spent long and crazy hours producing and selling my unique Seashell Mosaic Paintings and Collages.  It has been all about supply and demand!  My Art Business has totally consumed my time and energies but don’t get me wrong because I have loved every moment of it! Continue reading