The Struggling Artist

Thursday night’s Thanksgiving dinner at Jeff’s was amazing!  It really was like a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings!  Fabulous turkey roasted American style with stuffing that was a meal in itself.  Before it was served we chatted outside while admiring the amazing view and played a little pool, which was good fun!  But after the meal we were all goosed and yawning!  Apparently Turkey possesses a chemical that induces tiredness – never knew that before and it surely explains why everybody wants a nap after their enormous Chritmas dinners! Continue reading

My Mum’s Beachcombing Tale.

My Mum is amazing! She is 76… or 77 – I can’t remember now, fighting fit and no challenge is ever too big for her! No way does she look her age!
When I was over at Mum’s in Javea, in September, I showed her all the shells that I’d picked up from The Arenal – her local beach and she said she would go and pick more of the same and then bring them over to the UK with her at Christmas. Continue reading

Roaring Success for New Masseuse!

I haven’t done much this past week, apart from working. Ian and I finished off the villa painting on Tuesday and the rest of the time I’ve been continuing with my stock build of Seashell Mosaics & Collages.
I did have a lovely day of beachcombing in Bali on Friday with two girlfriends, Jackie and Pauline.  Continue reading