August Beach Sales Have Been Really Good This Year!

It has been over six weeks since I last wrote and that is because I have been so busy coping with my hectic work schedule.  That month I spent in the UK meant I had lost a month in terms of production.  I was not as fully stocked with my Seashell Mosaic Collages for the summer season as I would normally have been. So August has been mega busy while I’ve been trying to keep up with the designs that are selling well.

 Seahorse in Seashell Mosaic - 13 x 18cms

Popular Design this August – Seahorse in Seashell Mosaic – 13 x 18cms

Nevertheless I’ve done my best and am pleased to say that sales in August have been really good, even though these last two weeks it has gone very quiet in Almyrida.  I would go as far as to say that it’s been the quietest August in all the ten years I’ve been beach selling!  So I count myself lucky to have sold 56 of my unique Seashell Mosaic Collages so far this month – to the fewer tourists that have stayed in Almyrida this August.  I still have one more day and I have to say it does look promising!


Popular Design this August – Chapel by the Sea in Seashell Mosaic Collage – 18 x 24cms

The weather here on Crete has been very hot but we have had our share of strange days too. Like the end of July when it threw it down and I had to pack up my stall as fast as I could before the heavens opened!   Also and more recently – we had lots and lots of heavy rain and thunderstorms, which carried on well into the evening.  I am so relieved that it wasn’t one of my selling days that time, but I am always disappointed for the tourists who are here!

On the home front I am delighted to announce the safe arrival into this world of my beautiful new Granddaughter, Neve!  Emma is now finally living with Ash on his military base in the south.  I will be visiting them for a week when I am back in the UK for virtually the whole of September and I can’t wait to hold Neve and to play with Ralph again!  For now though, I must be content with Skype contact.  On the UK’s Bank Holiday Monday I was selling on the beach when Zoe and Emma Skyped me, because Zoe and Rich have been staying with Emma and Ash for the last few days.  So I could see and speak to everyone!  I could already see changes in 3-week old Neve and I love watching Ralph interact with her!  It will be wonderful to experience this in reality!

Ralph & Neve

Ralph is entranced with his brand new baby Sister Neve!

On the social front I have made time to spend with my good friend Jenny, who came with her Granddaughter, Alicia for a ten day stay in her apartment, which is situated on the Harbour Front in Chania.  It was good to see her again and I decided to go on another one of Jenny’s mini cruises and put work second for a change!  I’m so glad I did because it was – as it always is – awesome fun!  We were dancing, drinking Proseco and eating fresh fruit and Kalitsounia in between swimming and snorkelling.  Jenny’s crew were the Gorgeous George and Akis who were not only there to drive the boat but also to cater to our every whim (well… almost!) on our ‘Girls Only’ cruise!

Jenny's Mini Cruise!

Our All Girls Cruise! – Carolyn, myself, Jenny, Tracy and Deb.

Jenny and Alicia came to stay with me on the Saturday night and after enjoying a couple of hours with them on the beach, we had a late lunch at Tsunami’s.  Much later we walked up to Plaka Square for dinner at Fortini’s, before heading back to my house where we chilled out for the rest of the evening until late.  It had been at least a year since Jenny and I had had the chance to catch up, as we are rarely in touch in between her visits to Crete.

Jenny's Apartment on the Harbour Front in Chania - complete with 2 of my larger Seashell Mosaic Collages - Triptych Archway with Urn & Fisherman & his Boat

Jenny’s Apartment on the Harbour Front in Chania – complete with 2 of my larger Seashell Mosaic Collages – Triptych Archway with Urn & Fisherman & his Boat

What also turned out to be a real bonus was that I was able to use Jenny’s apartment last Saturday, so that Lisa and I could have a night out in Chania without worrying about getting home or driving.  Because of our respective work Schedules, Saturday was the best night for both of us and we couldn’t believe how busy Chania was – compared with Almyrida!  The Harbour Front was packed and everywhere was busy.  Lisa and I thoroughly enjoyed the change of scene and the chance to really relax.

I have good news about my Mum too!  Since I was last in the UK, her health has gone from strength to strength and she is back to being the Mum we all know and love!  I will be spending lots of time with her and although I shall miss the whole of September’s beach selling, I know that there are more important things in life that should naturally come before my work.  What better reasons are there than spending quality time with my family in the UK and I am so looking forward to meeting my new baby Granddaughter Neve!

Baby Neve

Gorgeous Baby Neve! Can’t wait to meet her!



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Happily Enjoying my Creative Splurges!

white mountains

The amazing view from my balcony – you can see why I love working here!

I’ve been working on my balcony this afternoon. Recently we’ve had some odd days in between rain and cloud that have been so warm and sunny – that it was just plain daft not to work outside! A few weeks back we had so much snow and it wasn’t just confined to the mountains but crept into our villages as well! I got stuck in the snow and ice several times on my way to the dentist in Vamos. A journey that normally takes around 10 to 15 minutes took me over 45 minutes and was so treacherous that I was holding my breath for most of the way! In 8 winters of living here on Crete I have never seen so much snow! Continue reading

Life is full of Surprises!

Here we are nearing the end of August and it’s looking like being the worst August for sales that I’ve ever had! How can I have survived so well during seven long years of world recession, only to be thwarted by Britain’s sudden and dramatic exit from the EU! Naturally I have only assumed this outcome from all the facts I have accumulated over the years. The British are definitely my biggest customers, followed closely by the Scandinavians, Americans and Europeans. Continue reading

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Emma and Ash’s Wonderful Wedding on Crete!

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks that I shall cherish for always.  I have been happier than I ever could have imagined and it’s all because of Emma and Ash’s wonderful wedding! Prepare yourselves for an epic posting!

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