Back to a more normal life.

What an unexpectedly busy August it’s turned out to be! I started selling by the beach in Almyrida right after Emma, Ash and the kids left Crete, and because it is still so quiet in Almyrida – especially for August, I decided two days a week was enough. Yet those two days have proved to be really profitable. I have sold a total of 29 Seashell Mosaic Paintings this August and I am more than happy with sales, given these unprecedented world circumstances.

Typically Greek and popular with tourists - Seashell Mosaic Painting 20 x 30cms

Typically Greek and popular with tourists – Seashell Mosaic Painting – 20 x 30cms

I didn’t realize how much I’d missed this part of my life. It’s been quite wonderful to meet and chat with the few tourists who have been lucky enough to get away for a holiday. So I am thrilled to be back doing what I love and earning some money again!

A favourite this August - Seahorse in Seashell Mosaic Painting - 13 x 18cms

A favourite this August – Seahorse in Seashell Mosaic Painting – 13 x 18cms

Sadly, Charlie and I are no longer an ‘item’. We realized that we are not right for each other but agreed that we’d both had a great time during the 6 months we were together. It goes without saying that we will remain good friends. As a direct consequence, my workouts with Charlie have come to an end. Now that I am working again, I don’t have the time or the inclination to work out in this heat! However I do understand the importance of keeping fit and I fully intend resuming my regular training, but only after the end of September and in whatever shape that may take.

Greek Donkeys - sold this August 30 x 40cms

Greek Donkeys – sold this August – 30 x 40cms

Socially, live music gigs have been few and far between and anyway, we are not allowed to dance! So I haven’t been out much in the evenings, apart from a sleepover at the mansion in the mountains, where Lisa and Debbie live. It was like staying at an exclusive hotel, with each bedroom having its own en-suite. This large two-storey villa is just full of fascinating things and has an amazing story attached to it – if only I could tell it! Anyway, the three of us had a proper girlie night in and such a good laugh!

September is going to be just as busy while I continue selling by the beach and I have more visitors arriving this month! Quite suddenly I have resumed my normal life during this last part of the summer and it just feels so right.
I am well excited that my brother, Mark is coming to stay with me on the 11th for 9 days. He came to visit me on Crete in 2014 with his two children, Honey and Ted and also for a few days during Zoe and Rich’s wedding in 2018. This time he is coming on his own and really looking forward to his first holiday without kids in 21 years! He is going to have a brilliant time here!

Consistently sells well - the Baby Turtles Seashell Mosaic Painting with sand, 10 x 30cms

Consistently sells well – the Baby Turtles Seashell Mosaic Painting with sand, 10 x 30cms

Then two days after Mark leaves, Zoe, Rich and baby Grandson Arthur arrive! I can’t wait to spend some quality time with little Arty, who was only 3 months old when I saw him last Christmas but is now aged one and walking!
So as usual, I am feeling very lucky and happy. Also the fact that Crete has so few Covid cases compared to the rest of Europe, has meant that tourists are coming here because it’s safer (far less populated) and has no quarantine restrictions on their return. A few of the tourists who purchased my Artworks, had in fact previously booked holidays elsewhere in the world – only to have them cancelled. Not wanting to miss out on their cherished and well-deserved holidays, the tourists are coming instead to Crete!

Always Believe Something Wonderful is going to Happen.

I have just enjoyed the most wonderful week with my Daughter Emma, Son-in-Law Ash, and gorgeous grandchildren Ralph and Neve!
Because Ash has not been able to go on holiday with his family, since their wedding here 4 years ago, they decided to book a lovely family room at the Almyrida Beach hotel, so that they would have a more restful holiday. The fact that Ralph and Neve are at the ages of 4 and 2, I now realize what a handful they are and how hectic things would have been if they’d all stayed at mine! Big bonus for me too really.. as I got to spend plenty of absolute quality time playing with Ralph and Neve, without all the clearing up! Continue reading

Missing Almyrida’s Tourists

I realize that I haven’t posted for many weeks, but then there hasn’t really been much to write about.  For the first time in 11 years I have not been selling my unique Seashell Mosaic Paintings & Collages by the beach in Almyrida. I have dearly missed seeing the tourists that visit Almyrida every year and meeting all the new visitors that arrive from all over the world. I have missed that wonderful holiday atmosphere that is so normally prevalent in Almyrida during the summer months from May to October. I have missed all the buzz and the fun that comes with my beach selling season. Continue reading