Tourists Return to Almyrida and My Art is Selling Like Hot Cakes Again!

It’s been a busy month especially for selling my Seashell Mosaic Collage Paintings. I have still only been setting up my stall 2 days a week – usually on Mondays and Thursdays, yet I am already struggling to keep up with demand for several popular designs this year. I’ve spent all the free hours I have at home, creating more Mosaics to replace the ones I’ve sold.

Seashell Mosaic Collage Painting by Michaela Raeburn

Everybody’s favourite cat, memories of Crete. Very popular design this summer. Seashell Mosaic Painting 18 x 24cms

Of course this is all good news but it does mean I have not had much time to take a break and enjoy a nice long swim, which I took frequently last summer.  However I see this as a temporary but necessary sacrifice, even if it is interfering with my newfound balance in life. After all.. I have had 2 lean years where I did not sell so much, so I want and need to make up for those losses. Anyway.. my daughter Emma and Grandchildren Ralph and Neve are arriving for a week’s holiday in just a few days and then I shall have at least 5 whole days of swimming and fun playing in the water! I am probably as excited as they all are!

Seashell Mosaic Collage Painting by Michaela Raeburn

Another popular design this summer. Flipflops & Footprints – 30 x 40cms

Now that Covid (or should I say the world’s governments) is no longer dictating our lives, this is the first summer that feels like everything is back to how it should be. There are many more tourists in Almyrida this July, particularly Norwegians, I’ve noticed.. and many more British holidaymakers. But I have met people visiting from many other countries too.

I am happy to report that my art is flying off the display boards and I have already sold 22 artworks so far this month. I am also relieved that so far we have not experienced the constant high temperatures of over 35 degrees that we had to endure last year. I have been comfortable working from home and have not needed to use the aircon yet. A real bonus when you consider the extortionate electricity bills we are all being forced to pay. I hope and pray it stays that way.

Phoenix playing in Drapanos

The new band called Phoenix, playing in Drapanos

All the live music events are back in force. In fact some nights there have been two bands playing at two different venues and it’s been difficult to decide which ones to go to. A couple of new bands have recently formed, playing refreshingly different music. A few weeks ago there was a great atmosphere in Vamos square, when ‘The Vibes’ and ‘Three Little Birds’ played. All the tavernas around the square were packed outside and they closed the road to all traffic, which meant there was a nice big dancefloor! We all danced loads that night and now I wish I’d taken some photos.

Lisa & I at John's Birthday meal in Kalyves

Lisa & I at John’s Birthday meal in Kalyves

I could easily have gone out every night lately, but with so much work on I chose to listen to the Three Little Birds, who played with 2 other bands at Nikita’s in Almyrida about a week ago and that was also a great night. I must remember to take more  pics of the bands actually performing,  I’m always too busy enjoying myself! A new band called Phoenix played at a taverna in Drapanos and we celebrated a friend’s birthday at a taverna in Kalyves where Carl Axon and his band were playing. There was another really good group of musicians playing on the roof garden of the Almyrida Residence that same night and so Lisa and I left a little earlier and managed to enjoy the last two songs and a cocktail up there.

Carl Axon at Kalyves

Carl Axon with young guest singer/guitarist playing at Kalyves where we celebrated John’s Birthday.

I am really enjoying the summer of 2022! Wonderful things have indeed been happening and It promises to continue to exceed my expectations in all ways. As usual, I am feeling so blessed and lucky to be living the wonderful life I lead on this beautiful Island which is Crete and which I love so much.

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