Disappointing, Dull & Miserable Weather For October

For the rest of September the weather here on Crete was much more comfortable to live and work in. I did well from my beach stall and sold 29 Seashell Mosaic Paintings, the majority of which were the larger and more expensive designs, which surprised me! Last September there were virtually no tourists here so I couldn’t sell at all that month. Therefore this is indeed a good result and I am happy!

Seashell & Sand Mosaic Donkey - popular design in September. Both my Donkey designs also sold on Etsy.

Seashell & Sand Mosaic Donkey – popular design in September. Both my Donkey designs also sold on Etsy.

Contrary to how I imagined – October’s weather from the start was unsettled. After the first week it started to get noticeably colder and rain has been forecast for most of this month. With the big drop in temperature, for me it felt as though we’d left summer and entered mid-winter at the drop of a hat! Although this is actually quite average for October – I just remember how nice it was last October. I had planned to continue selling this month but quickly realized that I would have a nightmare with the weather and the lack of tourists (especially British) was of course, the deciding factor.

at the Carl Axon gig in Kalyves

At the Carl Axon Gig in Kalyves- not a good one but I am scraping the barrel for photos to put in this post!

Social events-wise, I’ve been to more live music gigs in Kalyves and Georgioupoli and enjoyed early doors at my local, Vangeli’s in Plaka for the music and general knowledge quiz held on Fridays. I’ve also started back on David’s walks after an absence of ten years. When I first came to Crete in 2009, I joined David’s walking group so that II could get to know the area better and meet other expats living here, whom I could ask advice of – should I need it. But after about 2 years I had to stop going because I was crazy busy with my art business and didn’t have the time to spare. Now that I finally have more balance in my life – I have loads more time to do other things again.

Sold in September – Greek Blue Door & Steps in Seashell Mosaic Painting – 25 x 30cms & also available from my Etsy shop.

But the weather outlook improved a little and my dear friends, Caroline, Tony and their daughter Lucy arrived on Crete last Saturday, to beautiful sunny warm weather. After checking into the Almyrida Beach Hotel we went straight up to the roof terrace of the Almyrida Residence Hotel opposite and enjoyed a late lunch in the sunshine. Later in the evening we ate at Psaros in Almyrida and the food was really good, especially the wine! The lovely weather continued into Sunday but since then it’s been dull and miserable with lots of drizzly rain. A good old thunder, lightening and heavy rain storm would have been better, because it’s exciting to watch and nicer weather usually follows. Never mind – we made the most of getting out and about and spent all day Monday in Chania, returning in time for dinner back in Almyrida at Thalami. In my opinion this taverna is one of the best long-standing restaurants in Almyrida. It was packed in there that night and we were lucky to get the last, albeit small table left. It was their last night of the season so everyone wanted to be there. The food, service, wine and atmosphere were excellent! I highly recommend.

First walk with David's group - all around Kefelas

First walk with David’s group 10 days ago – all around Kefelas.

We spent another day visiting Bali, which is about an hour and 15 minutes drive from Almyrida. Actually we were chasing the better weather and although it never really improved – remaining dull and miserable – at least it wasn’t pouring with rain. We had a leisurely long walk all around Bali, browsing the shops occasionally and stopping for lunch at a nice taverna with a view. We stopped off at Georgioupoli to split up the journey on the way back, ending our trip with a lovely cocktail at Splendid Cocktail bar in Georgioupoli.

Scorpio design in Seashell Mosaic on Sand, Natural Wall Art. Sold 2 this summer. Also available from my Etsy shop.

Scorpio design in Seashell Mosaic on Sand, Natural Wall Art. Sold 2 from my beach stall this summer. 20 x 20cms Also available from my Etsy shop.

We had two lovely evenings on my balcony, eating, drinking and chatting the night away, laughing lots and having a good time. We all enjoyed a really tasty meal at Elpis in Plaka and last Sunday we watched only the first half of that dreadful football match between Manchester United and Liverpool in my local sport’s bar, Vangeli’s! On the last day we had a ten pin bowling match at the Almyrida Residence Hotel bowling alley and a last drink at Franscoise before heading back to Chania airport for their return flight in the evening.

My friends stayed for only 5 days but we filled them as best we could, given the awful weather. In fact it was just all so relaxed and casual that we didn’t even think of taking photos, apart from scenic views. So there is not a single photo I can upload here, to remember their visit! It was so dull and miserable and I felt the cold as if we were well into winter. We were all constantly wrapped up warm. But I thoroughly enjoyed this quality time with Caroline, Tony and Lucy and am so pleased they came to Crete for a break and to catch up with me. Hope I get the chance to see them again during my forthcoming trip back to the UK for Christmas.

Another awesome sunset view from my balcony in September

Another awesome sunset view from my balcony in September

Looking ahead, the weather is improving drastically from Tuesday onwards and I am joining David’s walking group on Wednesday for a leisurely stroll all round the mountain village area of Ramni, a place I haven’t been to for many years. David’s walks are all about the nature that surrounds us here on this beautiful island. There will be amazing views to see as well as wildlife such as owls and vultures. After feeling so cold this past week, I am looking forward to being out and about in temperatures forecast to be 26 degrees!

It really is ‘sod’s law’ that the weather should improve so much the week after my friends have visited! To make the most of the return of fine weather, on Friday I am driving Lisa, Debbie and Ross to Falasarna for our first beachcombing day of the Autumn.
Can’t Wait!

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