It’s Late, but Summer is Finally Starting to Kick Off!

It’s true! Aside from the exciting UEFA Championship final between UK and Italy happening tomorrow, slowly, slowly Almyrida and Plaka are starting to fill with more tourists. I cannot wait to welcome the UK tourists back. They have definitely been conspicuous by their absence, with mostly only Germans, Russians and a few Americans visiting. But with the easing of restrictions in the UK on travel, this means many more British tourists can now visit Greece without having to quarantine on their return.

Sold last week in Almyrida - New design for this year - Little Mermaid Seashell Mosaic Painting

Sold last week in Almyrida – New design for this year – Little Mermaid Seashell Mosaic Painting

This is the best news ever, as Emma and Ash have been waiting for months to find out if they can actually take the flights they booked for the last week in July. They are coming for 10 days this year, staying for the first week at the Langley Hotel in Almyrida and then coming to me for the last 3 days. I am so excited that this has become possible again! I can’t wait to spend quality time with my family, especially my Grandchildren Ralph and Neve!

Sold last week in Almyrida - Love Seagulls Seashell Mosaic Painting

Sold last week in Almyrida – Love Seagulls Seashell Mosaic Painting

Wow, have we been having some hot weather! We’re only just coming out of a heatwave which has lasted for at least 2 weeks. Just when you need Crete’s strong breezes – they disappear! The temperature on my back balcony overlooking the sea, was just short of 50 Celsius! The trouble with extreme temperatures is that your energy is completely zapped! At times the heat literally drained me, leaving me feeling so lethargic that I couldn’t be bothered to do anything! Thankfully, we have our wonderful Cretan breezes back and temperatures have come down to a more normal level for this time of year. I do hope we don’t have another heatwave when my family is over, as I will want to be playing all day with Ralph and Neve and I need all my energy for that!

Relaxing on one of Almyrida's beaches after swimming

Relaxing on one of Almyrida’s beaches after swimming. I can actually see my house from here!

Anyway I found the best tonic for me during this heatwave, was to grab my towel and head for the beach for my regular long swims in the so-warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Ahhh..what bliss! A couple of hours on any of Almyrida’s beaches and I come home feeling refreshed and energized! However, during these heatwaves, aircon is absolutely essential if you want to work or actually do anything at all! But I am distressed to find that I rely on it more and more, as each summer goes by… and realize again – the very real consequences of global warming. Nevertheless, I am so happy to live by the sea and to live the life I lead.

At Carl Axon's birthday gig at Posti de Cafe in Kavros.

At Carl Axon’s birthday gig at Posti de Cafe in Kavros.

So I am pleased to write that my life has more of a ‘back-to-normal’ feel about it and of course that feels good! I had my first selling day last week during the heatwave (I must be mad!) It felt like the right time to test the waters and set up my stall in Almyrida, as I have done for the last 12 years. But I was lucky.  Although I was concerned about coping with the heat – even with the constant shade of my parasol – I needn’t have worried because there was a lovely breeze coming in off the sea behind me and when that died down a little, I would nip across the road, take a quick 2 laps of the pool at the Almyrida Residence Hotel, and then slip my dress back on wet, over my wet bikini. This kept me cool for ages!

Always a best seller! Baby turtles Race for Life Seashell Mosaic Painting

Always a best seller! Baby turtles Race for Life Seashell Mosaic Painting

It was really strange because Almyrida just appeared mostly deserted. Last year my first selling day wasn’t until 3rd August and there were definitely a lot more tourists around then. So maybe it was a little too soon? Anyway I stayed until about 4pm, having surprisingly sold 2 of my Seashell Mosaics and here’s the weird thing – I sold the exact same 2 designs as I had on my first selling day last year! How amazing is that?! The two designs were my best-selling Baby Turtles ‘Race for Life’ and the inspirational “Always Believe Something Wonderful is going to Happen”.

I have so far done 3 selling days and sold 5 of my Seashell Mosaic Paintings, which is not bad, all things Pandemic considered. I am going to do only 2 days a week selling in Almyrida – exactly as I did last year. Only this year I have a feeling the season will be much longer, in my optimistic way of thinking. Last year it was only 5 weeks long but I have a feeling this season will carry easily into October, because everything is kicking off so late and everybody needs a holiday!

Lisa, Gail and I on a recent night out.

Lisa, Gail and I on a recent night out.

My social life has also picked up a little and I’ve recently been to Carl Axon’s birthday gig at the Posti de Café in Kavros, A birthday party at Nikita’s in Almyrida, where we danced in the sand by the sea, to music from various bands, and an evening in Kalyves with Lisa and Gail. I haven’t seen as much of my friend, Debbie since she moved to Vamos. She doesn’t drive but I have been up to Vamos a few times to visit her.

So it really feels like summer proper is about to launch and I am excited about the UEFA Championship final between the UK and Italy, which I shall watch tomorrow evening in my local, Vangeli’s in Plaka square. Yet even more wonderful is that Emma, Ash, Ralph and Neve will be arriving on Crete in just two weeks from today. Oh happy days!

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