My Mum’s Beachcombing Tale.

My Mum is amazing! She is 76… or 77 – I can’t remember now, fighting fit and no challenge is ever too big for her! No way does she look her age!
When I was over at Mum’s in Javea, in September, I showed her all the shells that I’d picked up from The Arenal – her local beach and she said she would go and pick more of the same and then bring them over to the UK with her at Christmas. ‘Well that’s fantastic!’, I said, ‘but are you sure you are up to all the bending down that’s involved in this task?’ You need plenty of stamina for beachcombing, for all the walking and from continuously bending up and down. I thought that would all be too much for her. I should have known better. “I’ll be just fine”, she replied.
Well I have just had the funniest email from my Mum and this is her story in her words…..
Hi Michaela,

I thought you might be interested to hear about my beachcombing effort this morning.
Bright blue skies and a gale blowing. I had to go to the Arenal anyway as I needed to post a card.
I parked my bike and had my little plastic bag in my pocket. As I approached the sea I saw big waves, so good day to come for this I thought!!! I started on the left but saw no shells but loads of seaweed.
A good bit further it looked more promising but meantime after looking down so much I had a bad case of runny nose. Of course no hanky with me so it just had to drip, nobody else was about. At this stage I had about 4 shells
And when I stooped to pick up another one a huge wave came at me and wet me up to my knees.
Wet socks and seawater sloshing in my trainers and I looked like I had wet my pants. That, I nearly did laughing.
Just as well I was on my bike. I carried on a bit longer as the sun could dry me off a bit and managed to get about 50 shells.
I will definitely go again but be better prepared and keeping a beady eye on those waves.
Love you loads

Ah bless! I love my Mum!
I have lots going on in the next few days. A visit to the dentist tomorrow (ugh!) and a Thanksgiving Dinner Party at Jeff’s tomorrow evening from 5.30pm. Then on Friday night there is a second fund-raising Barbeque at Captain Jack’s and finally on Sunday, the biggest event in the Almyrida calendar – The Annual Xmas Fayre, sponsored by – who are probably the largest and most popular Real Estate Agent in the whole Apokoronou area. It is always hosted at the Almyrida Residence and Almyrida Beach hotels which are situated opposite each other in the centre of Almyrida across from the beach. I always book two tables and am usually positioned next to my fellow artist friend, David. It’s a great fun day with lots of live music and home-made food of all kinds. There are oodles of different stalls selling gifts and Christmas trimmings and everybody who is anybody will be there which means I will get a chance to see everybody I know!

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