Getting into the Christmas Spirit!

I have found it very difficult to tear myself away from my work lately. So three weeks has all but flown by again and means I have had to remember everything else that I’ve been doing during that time.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to Jeff and Shauna’s Thanksgiving Dinner again. I say fortunate because only about ten of us received an invite. What a feast and a spread they put on! The turkey was enormous yet somehow Jeff and Shauna managed to cook it to perfection and the whole meal was wonderful – very American! A great evening was enjoyed by all of us! Continue reading

The Seashell Process

So, what’s been happening in my life these past two and a half weeks? Although I am too pleasantly absorbed in my work to write this blog more often, it’s always nice to reflect back on what I have done and achieved on those days.

Following Jenny’s return to the UK, the weather continued to deteriorate further and we had heaps of rain and thunderstorms. But despite the awful weather, Lisa and I made the effort to ‘partly’ dress up for Captain Jack’s Halloween Party on Friday 31st. Continue reading

Happy Welcome Hugs and Teary Goodbyes

I very nearly didn’t write this post because I honestly didn’t think I’d find time to do it. But I always think that it’s amazing how much you can actually achieve if you put your mind to it!
As always I had a brilliant week with my Mum and sisters, Karen and Leonie. This is the fifth consecutive year that we have spent a quality week together and we all know that we will have many more happy family holidays together. Continue reading

There’s always so much happening in the summer!

I’ve been so busy since Mark and the kids left, catching up on production of my Seashell Mosaics and Collages. They have been selling like hotcakes this August – thank goodness because sales for June and July were disappointing, due to a number of factors I think. The tourists that were here, were not spending much and it would appear that other local businesses and restaurants were reporting much the same. Continue reading

More Memories to Treasure for Always

The last 9 days have gone by in a whirlwind! I’ve enjoyed real quality time with my brother Mark and fun, games and laughter with my Niece, Honey and nephew, Ted. They arrived on their first ever visit to my home on Crete a week last Tuesday. The weather has been characteristically hot and sunny but has luckily always been accompanied by a good breeze, making perfect conditions for a lively beach holiday. Continue reading

I Love Chania

It never fails to amaze me how quickly time can pass without me realising it! Already it has been two weeks since I wrote my last post and thinking back, I have to really concentrate on remembering everything I’ve done during this period of time.

First and foremost springing to mind is the visit I had from some customers who have now become good friends – Paul and Sheila Vernier and their son John. Continue reading

My Seashell Pictures are Still Popular with the Tourists, Despite Increased Prices!

Since Nick returned to the UK life has quickly resumed to normal again. I have had two more selling days on the beach in Almyrida – despite the wind – because frankly, I cannot afford not to. At this time of year my bank account is at its lowest so I am desperate to start making money by selling my Seashell Mosaics and Collages to the tourists that have been flooding into Almyrida. Continue reading