Happy Welcome Hugs and Teary Goodbyes

I very nearly didn’t write this post because I honestly didn’t think I’d find time to do it. But I always think that it’s amazing how much you can actually achieve if you put your mind to it!
As always I had a brilliant week with my Mum and sisters, Karen and Leonie. This is the fifth consecutive year that we have spent a quality week together and we all know that we will have many more happy family holidays together. We had lunches and dinners out and about in Almyrida, barbeques at home, lots of chat and laughter and of course, Canasta! We are all very competitive and usually run a league table where we play the best of three, swap partners and see who comes out the overall winner. Because I have to work some of the time we didn’t manage to get through all the partner combinations but thoroughly enjoyed all the games we did play.

Waves at Almyrida Beach

Mum & Karen having fun in the waves at Almyrida beach

One morning, Leonie said she woke early to find that her camp bed was shaking! It appears we had a series of small earthquakes that only she felt because Mum, Karen and I all slept right through them! The next two days the sea at Almyrida beach was really rough and Karen and Mum ventured in to frolic in the waves while I took some funny photos of them. The next day, when the sea was still rough, Mum and Karen decided to go for a swim at the harbour end of the village, where it appeared to be much calmer. However there was an undercurrent and they both got caught in it, struggling to get back to shore. Karen was able to scramble onto some rocks and immediately hailed the lifeguard to come to Mum’s rescue! There was also another man with a child on a lilo who was also struggling and holding onto the buoys like Mum. Luckily the lifeguard was able to pull them out of the water and onto the rocks in the harbour. Whew, that was scary! My Mum is almost 78 but you honestly wouldn’t believe it!

Playing Jenga

Karen, building the Jenga tower, complete with silly wig!

On the Sunday night we had a lovely meal at Atlantis beach bar in Almyrida, followed by a few late drinks at Captain Jack’s. Whilst we were there we couldn’t resist playing a game of giant Jenga. The wooden blocks are each the size of a brick and we were amazed at how tall we managed to build the tower before it fell crashing down.
All too soon, teary farewells were exchanged at Chania airport at lunchtime, when Leonie and I waved Mum and Karen off back to the UK. We dropped by at Lidl on the way back to re-stock with food and wine and after a few short hours I was back at the airport to collect Zoe and Rich. Leonie flew back to Cyprus two days later, to save me from making three trips to the airport in one day, bless her!I was so excited to see my daughter, Zoe again! Although Zoe and Rich have been together for over two years now, this was their first holiday together and the first time that Rich has visited my home here on Crete. So Zoe was eager to show him all of her favourite places. We visited Kournas Lake and Georgioupoli, Kalives and all Zoe’s favourite haunts in Almyrida. Also the lovely pool and restaurant called the ‘Emerald’ which is only five minutes’ walk from my apartment in Plaka. A week is just not enough, though and they have both vowed to visit for at least 10 days next summer.

Zoe and Rich at Nikita's Taverna in ALmyrida

Zoe and Rich, at Nikita’s Taverna by the sea in Almyrida

Saying goodbye at the airport I was so sad to see Zoe and Rich go, as I have been with all of my family. The happy welcome hugs and kisses so opposite to the teary goodbyes. But this is my life now and I know that with every visit, every year, we all get to spend such wonderful quality time with each other that it is so worth it! However I will never stop missing Zoe and Emma, my two beautiful girls whom I am so proud of. I can only thank God for regular skype contact in-between visits.On the work front I have done so well with sales of my seashell mosaics that I have beaten all previous records! I have even had to hold certain designs back for my upcoming exhibition in the mosque on Chania Harbour Front. I have only a short time to prepare for the 6 day exhibition and apart from selling on the beach I have many other tasks to catch up with. The apartment needs a thorough clean and I have heaps of washing to get through. I must once again, be super organised because my lovely friends Jill and Rick are to be the last visitors to stay this summer and they arrive on the last day of my exhibition. I plan to totally chill out for the week they are here because not only will I be exhausted after the seven long days of the exhibition, but the whole summer has been crazy busy with both work and visitors and I think I finally deserve a well-earned rest! Oh and my recent friendship with Matt has ended because he just couldn’t cope with all the interruptions in our relationship, due to visitors and work commitments! The only comment I feel like making about this, is to say that it’s his loss!

My friends, the Verniers dropped by today and it was great to see Paul, Sheila, John and Adelle again. Would you believe they bought yet two more of my seashell mosaics and collages and they are without doubt, my best customers and biggest fans! Tomorrow I set up for my exhibition in Chania and will spend the next seven days practically living in the old Mosque. All fingers are crossed that it will be a good one and worth all the effort I’ve put into it.

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