All kinds of Painting

I have been very busy, as usual, continuing to build up my stock of seashell mosaics and collages and also preparing for the website. David (my fellow artist friend whom I exhibit with) and I share a website to showcase our art. David is busy re-vamping the site and I am trying to re-take photographs of my 3D canvases, which is more difficult than you can imagine! They are totally level when I put them on the wall but if I don’t hold my camera exactly right, one or two of the sides appear squiffy. I am also sorting out all the subjects/categories I want to place my artworks under and as I have mentioned before – I only have a fraction of the artworks currently on the site and I need to put them all up there.

So last weekend was a quiet one as I didn’t go anywhere. Instead I was quite happy to spend the daytimes painting and working on my mosaics and the evenings watching UK TV, courtesy of  Like Smooth FM which I love listening to whilst I am working – I would be  lost without it because the alternative here on Crete is satellite TV which we call Arabsat and that’s really only good for watching movies.  I used to be able to watch ITV, Channel 4 and Sky News but as happened with Magic FM – they moved the satellite so that it no longer reaches us here on Crete.  At least with FilmOn I can stay in touch with news in the UK and watch a variety of programmes.  The fact that they moved the satellites actually did me a favour because I prefer Smooth FM for music and now I can watch ALL the UK channels with FilmOn.

Lisa and I did have a lovely day out in Bali last Friday when we went beachcombing. The weather was gorgeous and we had a picnic on the beach. Before we started we had a refreshing drink outside at my favourite taverna there and we both thought how jealous our friends and family would be because it felt like we were on holiday but without all the tourists!

Beautiful Bali

As seen from our table – one of Bali’s lovely deserted beaches without the tourists!

This week has been much the same except for the last 2 days. I have been decorating a villa in Kokkino Chorio with Ian again. Yesterday the weather was really hot and sunny like it has been so much these last few weeks and a thermometer on the outside of the villa read 27 degrees in the sunshine! Today it’s been mostly overcast but actually, more comfortable conditions for climbing up and down ladders and being able to see where you’ve painted without the glare of the sun. We are expecting some bad weather over the next few days so we won’t be able to continue with painting the villa until the good weather returns.

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