Fortunate to be in Good Hands

I feel as though I have been on an uncomfortable rollercoaster these past several days -I have been in a bad way! My joint problem appeared to be improving – great news! However, an unfortunate side-effect of the Co-Codamol gave me equally as much pain and discomfort, in fact so much discomfort that I will never take a Co-Codamol again, for as long as I live!

Bizarrely, the morning I went to see the specialist, my joints felt noticeably better. Maybe it had something to do with the weather because it was a gloriously warm and sunny day and we’ve had rain and heavy cloud for the last few. As promised, Pauline came with me and I was able to drive us into Chania because my joints were greatly improved. That in itself made me feel positive! I was eager to see this specialist and hopefully gain more knowledge of what is making my joints so painful. I’m so glad that Pauline was with me because she was able to remember some things he said that I just couldn’t take in. It was information and instruction overload!

After questions and examinations, Dr Kallitsakis said that yes, all signs did appear to be pointing toward RA but he was not convinced. He said it is good that he can treat these symptoms early to prevent further damage. He wrote out a two month prescription for treatment, and instructions for two further blood tests. The first I was to take at Kalives Blood Centre as soon as possible and the second to be taken in about 6 weeks at Chania Hospital – a repeat of the test I had done at the A & E Department just over a week ago. He also wanted me to get an X-ray done, possibly at the same time. Presumably he can compare the first and second blood tests from the Hospital to see if the treatment has made any difference. I’m to return to him on the 10th June with all the results. My Overall impression of him was encouraging and I feel as though I am in good hands. A big reason to feel positive!
We stopped by at the Blood Centre in Kalives on the way back, I handed over the prescription and had the test – all in ten minutes! I can collect the results on Monday.

But the next day I realised I had another problem! Without going into the gory details, the side effect that the Co-Codamol gave me is something I never want to experience again! Yet again my friends rallied round, calling with useful remedies and tips and lots of sympathy. Even doing some shopping for me – essentials like milk and chocolate!  My family have been hugely supportive too and I have had many skype calls from my Mum, sisters and brother.  The great thing about Skype is that it’s the next best thing to talking to someone face-to-face – as if they are in the same room with you.  I don’t feel as if I live far away at all!

Seashell Mosaic

A Best Seller last year – Bourgainvillea & Pot – 20 x 30cms

Yesterday was the first day I felt well enough to work on my seashell mosaics and collages. I managed to finish the Bougainvillea and Pot design, which I couldn’t make enough of last year and prepped up some more canvases for working on the beach. I can hardly believe it is almost time to start my season. I am confident that I have enough of the more time-consuming and difficult designs to see me through, which will hopefully enable me to take more time off in the summer, especially when I have visitors. Believe me – this year my diary is filling up fast with family and friends wishing to holiday with me here on Crete. How wonderful is that?
In fact, my first visitor arrives on Friday and I have stacks to do before then! My mate Nick is coming to stay for two weeks! The timing couldn’t be better because I am in serious need of a rest and a break and so I am really looking forward to it!

I felt even better today and tackled one of lots of spring cleaning jobs I’ve wanted to do, but couldn’t while I’ve been so poorly – the balcony sofa! It’s my favourite place to chill in the summer and I’ve really missed it these last 4 months! Now here I am on that comfortable clean sofa, writing up this post on yet another warm and sunny day and reflecting on the rollercoaster of these last few weeks. I may have to start making some small lifestyle changes. Big changes in your life usually happen for a reason and although I have always lived my life in the present – the here and now – these last three weeks have made me think of the future a little – I absolutely want to live this wonderful life lots more!

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  1. Thanks for those kind words of support, Fran. My apologies too for not calling you! As you will read on my latest post – I’m perfectly back to normal now and so happy to be! Promise to call you for a proper chat soon. Hugs xxx

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