Good Riddance to January & February!

I haven’t had time and I haven’t felt like writing a post for what seems like ages. I seem to have been in a depressive state and it hasn’t helped that I’ve had so many time-consuming problems to deal with in January and February. But most of all… My dear Sister Leonie’s sudden passing still feels so raw. I can burst into tears at the mere drop of a hat! Continue reading

Taking Our Health For Granted

Not being able to do all the things I want and usually do these last few weeks, has really made me think about my health – as it has been and how it might be in the future. I can see how eating a healthy and well balanced diet really does help but I still have to make some changes and I really want to put some weight back on.  So I have formulated a plan for the summer months and I intend to stick to it! Continue reading

Fortunate to be in Good Hands

I feel as though I have been on an uncomfortable rollercoaster these past several days -I have been in a bad way! My joint problem appeared to be improving – great news! However, an unfortunate side-effect of the Co-Codamol gave me equally as much pain and discomfort, in fact so much discomfort that I will never take a Co-Codamol again, for as long as I live! Continue reading