Thank God For Such Good Friends.

It’s been a worrying few days since I wrote in my last post that my friend Jackie was going to take me to the Doctor in Kalives. We went first thing Thursday morning and I was so relieved that Jackie came with me. She can vouch for this doctor because she has also had to consult him on something a few months ago. I was grateful for her reassurance on all counts. Also it was a comfort to know that this doctor understands and speaks good English. Continue reading

All kinds of Painting

I have been very busy, as usual, continuing to build up my stock of seashell mosaics and collages and also preparing for the website. David (my fellow artist friend whom I exhibit with) and I share a website to showcase our art. David is busy re-vamping the site and I am trying to re-take photographs of my 3D canvases, which is more difficult than you can imagine! Continue reading

Still Enjoying the Winter Sun!

The weather here in Crete has been just wonderful! Nearly every day has been sunny and warm, saving me money on Calor Gas bottles and hot water (which of course is heated by the sun through solar panels on the roof). So when the sun has crept onto my balcony in the afternoons – from then until sundown I have been working there most days. Continue reading

Christmas is Nigh

I have been trying to cram in as much work as possible before I go back to the UK for Christmas and New Year. I leave Crete tomorrow to spend three whole weeks with my family and meet up with my closest friends to enjoy this festive time of the year. Christmas isn’t really celebrated here on Crete, well, not compared to the build up and atmosphere you get in the UK. Easter is definitely the biggest event in the Greek calendar year. Continue reading

Elafonisi is so Beautiful!

I can’t believe how quickly the time is passing and that it’s only 8 more days before I return to the UK for 3 weeks of Christmas and New Year. I can’t wait! I can’t wait to see my lovely girls again and I feel so lucky to be part of such a large and happy family because when we all get together it’s just one big party! Continue reading