Now it’s all about Weddings!

I’m sitting on my windswept balcony, on the sofa while I write this. It’s the best spot on the balcony, giving more shelter in the corner from the wind. It’s really only the gusts that are sometimes a little scary but they can disappear as quickly as they arrived and now and again you get a little lull and all is calm for a time… before it returns in earnest and you never know what’s coming next! Continue reading

A Truly Fabulous Place to Live and Work!

So here I sit now, on the beautiful balcony of my new home, writing up this post in the glorious sunshine! I still can’t stop pinching myself! Is all this really mine??? My new home is all and so much more than I dreamed it could be and I am happier than I can ever remember being! All my hard work has paid enormous dividends and fate has led me to my perfect place by the sea. I know that I can blissfully work, rest and play here finally and for the foreseeable future. What I had perceived as a complete disaster has turned out to be the biggest blessing in disguise! Continue reading

Introducing my New Baby Grandson, Ralph!

Everything that has happened during this past month has been completely overshadowed by the arrival of my new baby Grandson, Ralph! Having had two beautiful daughters, a grandson was just what I’d been hoping for and he is just gorgeous! He also shares my own scorpio birth sign, having come into the world on 15th November. I have loved all my Skype calls with Emma – Ralph snuggled so contentedly on her chest and last weekend he was sleeping peacefully on his doting Aunty Zoe’s chest! I am counting the days – only 3 left – until I can hold him in my arms too! I am overjoyed and truly thankful that he is simply perfect! Continue reading

An Absorbing and Busy Month of Crises and Distractions

This past month I have been so totally absorbed in all manner of things that I just haven’t found the time or the inclination to write. I had my last day of selling in Almyrida Bay on October 15th and the weather that day was fine, sunny and hot. I have never worked the beach as late as this, but there were still tourists around and they were still buying, so I sold five pictures that final day. Continue reading

How I love to be a Tourist on Sundays!

Sales of my unique Seashell Mosaics and Collages have been truly mega in August. Reaching a record level again – I have been rushed off my feet work-wise! Among the poplular choices this year have been my little Greek Donkey and small Sailboat designs and, as always, the Baby Turtles Race for the sea. Continue reading