Working With Nature

After spending my three week holiday living the outdoor life, admiring the views, enjoying all the places I’ve been to and really appreciating nature – I am itching to start “working with nature” again.
I really do appreciate living in such a beautiful area of Crete. It inspires me to incorporate what I see into my artworks. Yes, I’m lucky to be living here but actually, I made it all happen! I knew that Crete was the best place for me to develop my seashell mosaics. It is a real joy to be earning my living by doing something I love and feel passionate about. After a whole summer of producing existing designs I am chomping at the bit to progress some new ideas and to set about replenishing designs that I sold out of but didn’t have the time to make.

The weather on Crete continues to be glorious with temperatures in the late twenties and sunshine all day long. Although today was rather cloudy the temperature was still 31 degrees. On Sunday afternoon I was putting some finishing touches to the canvases I had been working on before I went away, when my friend Lisa called round. We spent the afternoon on my balcony, catching up with all our news from over the last three weeks and by the time she left it was too late to resume work. So for the last three days I have been back in full swing, doing quite a lot of work in the shade of my balcony.

Apart from food and canvas shopping, I haven’t been out since Nick went back, I haven’t felt like it. After all I’ve had a long three weeks of socialising and enjoying myself and now I need to start producing lots of artworks. I have sold 342 canvases so far this year and I need to have at least 200 ready for the start of next year’s season. Because I make my mosaics and collages in a large range of sizes and still have some stocks, this is actually achievable. I also work on many different designs simultaneously so that there is always something to do whilst I am waiting for paint, sand or mosaics to dry.
I work until it gets dark or until about 7.30, then make my tea, shower and sit down to watch my favourite British programmes. Thanks to I can watch Live TV through my computer which in turn is connected to my TV. It’s great! Isn’t modern technology wonderful?!

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