Fun Nights Out!

In my last blog I mentioned that I hadn’t been out much lately but on Saturday I was in the mood for socialising with friends and enjoying a few glasses of wine. So at 6.30pm I kicked off the evening at my local Taverna, Vangeli’s.  I had a couple of glasses of wine and a bite to eat whilst catching up with all the local gossip. Everyone was relaying where they were and what they were doing when the earthquake struck the Saturday before!
Then Lisa arrived and we stayed for a further hour before moving on to Captain Jack’s in Almyrida, for a few late drinks. This is a new place that opened in April and is run by a really nice Dutch couple called Ritchy and Sophia. They are planning to stay open all over the winter which is good because many of the Tavernas close down during the winter months. Captain Jack will host many different events during the next couple of months which is good news as it is a really fun place to go for a late drink and a play with the props, costumes and wigs they have there! I love their Dutch food specialities because they bring back so many happy memories of my times in Holland when I was growing up (my Mum is Dutch). Ritchy and Sophia serve delicious meat croquets, cooked in a thick roué (not sure if this is how you spell it?) and coated in golden breadcrumbs and of course, the Indonesian Bami and Nasi Goreng – scrumptious!

Lisa and I at Captain Jack's, Almyrida

Lisa and I at Captain Jack’s, Almyrida

Talking of good food I had another great night out with my friends Nancy and Bob from Canada, who are here on Crete for a few weeks and Derek and Jackie who moved to Crete soon after I did in 2009. Nancy and Bob have rented a charming Greek cottage in a small village on the outskirts of Chania and recommended we all eat at a local restaurant conveniently situated just behind their cottage. What a lovely place it was too! The Greek owner, having already met Nancy and Bob, came over to our table to tell us all about the origins of his restaurant and the special way they have of cooking the meat, which is called anticristo (again, I am not sure I have the correct spelling!) Well we had a real feast! The meat was so tasty and the huge salad we all shared was different to any other I’ve eaten here on Crete – it was just full of interesting ingredients! Even the customary complimentary dessert was special. It was a great evening spent in the company of lovely friends and was Bob’s treat! How kind!

Fine Dining - Derek, Nancy, Bob, Jackie and me!

Fine Dining – Derek, Nancy, Bob, Jackie and me!

The weather here continues to be glorious every day with plenty of sunshine and hardly any wind! Though I must admit the evenings are now much colder and you can feel just a hint of the cooler and fresher air that will no doubt follow through the coming weeks and months. Those of us who live on Crete feel the chill evenings because we are accustomed to much higher temperatures generally, but I suppose in England, these late summer evenings would be considered warm! All I can say is that although I am always a little sad to see the end of the long summer, I agree with what my Mum always says – that winter has its own charm.

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