6.4 Earthquake Hits Crete!

OMG there was an earthquake here on Crete today! I was working at my desk when everything started shaking! But it was the ground moving underneath me that was really frightening! It seemed to go on for ages and was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen or experienced.
I have been living on Crete for almost four and a half years and in that time I have only ever experienced one other earthquake. It was about three years ago and happened in the wee hours of the morning. I woke up because the bed was shaking – quite gently, but enough to wake me up! I was still half asleep and it ended fairly quickly.

The earthquake this afternoon was different – it was quite scary!! It was also weird because whilst the ground and everything around me was shaking… my CD carried on playing and my laptop was still connected to the internet. It was bizarre! I messaged my friend Lisa straight afterwards and asked her if it really happened? She was at Georgio’s garage in Vrysses when the earthquake started and was still shaking! She told me that they had looked up the details and  had found out that the earthquake was 6.4 on the Richter scale and it’s centre was 75 Kilometers out to sea, west of Chania!

It’s amazing to see that there’s no structural damage! I do know that Crete is used to having these earthquakes and that all structures, old and new are built on earthquake-strong foundations. Believe me – this is very reassuring!

2 thoughts on “6.4 Earthquake Hits Crete!

  1. Hi Michaela, found the blog and yes the earthquake was scary!!
    I’m back in the UK now but it was lovely to meet you and Nick and hopefully we’ll meet up again when I’m in Crete next
    Keep up the blog it will keep me updated til my next visit
    Lois xx

    • Hi Lois, thanks for your comments, it was great to meet you too and hope it’s not too long before you are back here on Crete. xx

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