Too busy to write!

While I write this I am sitting here watching the beautiful sunset again. I am taking a welcome breather but I still have heaps to do.
I am literally rushed off my feet with work and cannot produce my seashell mosaics and collages fast enough!  I haven’t even got time to cook (I desperately need a cook and a cleaner – any offers??!) But thanks to my lovely Mum for making me a stash of homemade burgers for my freezer when she was over in June, I have plenty of easy meals at hand. I have to be super organised with everything during the summer months, including my meals, in order to maximise my work time. I eat plenty of fresh fruit and salads, chicken or burgers grilled on the barbeque and of course lots of olive oil. All easily prepared and healthy too. I definitely cannot afford to be poorly and I need plenty of energy.

Seashell mosaic of baby turtles

Still my one of my best sellers – Baby Turtles Design – 10 x 30cms

So with this hectic schedule of mine I simply don’t have the spare time to write this blog. I am so tired at the end of the day that all I want to do is shower then crash out on the sofa for an hour to eat while I watch a little TV. This doesn’t happen until around 10pm. Then I want to go and lounge on my balcony sofa for space and time to think. Sometimes I just listen to the live Greek music wafting up from Almyrida below me… and relax. Before I know it, it’s well after midnight. After half an hour reading in bed, I am out with the light! My problem is that I try and fit too much into each and every day and I simply run out of time.
But isn’t life all about balance? It’s important to me that I take time out to relax and that I give myself some ‘me’ time too. I can cope better and really enjoy these hectic summer months.
I haven’t really felt like going out and anyway, I can save and savour that pleasurable pastime for when I have more time! Happily I don’t have to wait long as my two lovely girls, Zoe and Emma and Emma’s boyfriend Ash are going to be here on Crete in just over a week. I have much to do before they arrive but am very happy and excited about their impending visit. I plan to take some well-earned quality time off to spend with them in-between my selling days.

Seashell mosaic of baby turtles

A larger version – 20 x 60cms

All in all, I think I have some very good reasons for why you won’t be hearing from me much in the near future. However, after this crazy busy period is over I will make the time to write more regularly.

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