Parting with loved ones always makes me cry.

It has been a few weeks since my last post and this is because I have been having a wonderful time with my two gorgeous daughters, Zoe and Emma and Emma’s boyfriend, Ash. Although Emma and Ash were only in Crete for a week we crammed as much fun and enjoyment into that week as was possible!

Emma & Ash

Emma & Ash

We visited the beautiful Kournas Lake where Emma and Ash went canoeing and Zoe and I just swam in the warm waters. We spent the afternoon and early evening in Georgoupolis and had lunch at Mike’s Oasis. We spent time in Chania browsing the boutiques, enjoying drinks on the Harbour Front and dinner at a large open-air restaurant. We spent a day in Kalives, ate dinner early at one of my favourite restaurants on the beach and then went home to shower for another evening of drinking in the bars around Almyrida Bay. I would be ready for home around 2am, but more often than not – Zoe, Emma and Ash would stay out until after 4am!

Zoe, Emma & Ash perusing the dinner menu in Chania

Zoe, Emma & Ash perusing the dinner menu in Chania

That week just flew by and I was back at the airport all too soon to drop Emma and Ash off for their flight back to the UK. It was, as always, so hard to say goodbye but I know I will see Emma again in a few weeks when I go back to the UK for a few days before going to Spain. It also helped that Zoe was staying on for another week. So we went snorkelling in the stunning bay of Kokkino Chorio, returned to Georgoupolis to play canasta at Mike’s Oasis and generally packed in as much relaxation, wining and dining as we could! On the days I was selling, Zoe kept me company. Now she has gone back and I have been feeling a bit lost these last few days. The apartment seems empty without my girls and I have cried lots since they left. I am always sad to see them go and have to remind myself that I wouldn’t have had those wonderful two weeks of quality time with them if I hadn’t been living in Crete.

Me & My Girls

Me & my Girls on the beach at Georgoupolis

The day after I dropped Zoe at the airport, a crowd of us went out for my dear friend, Paul’s birthday and last night just a few of his closest friends got together again to spend a last meal with him. He has left Crete today to move to Spain and I am deeply sad all over again! These last few years Paul has been one of my most treasured friends here on Crete. He is the one who found my lovely home for me when I was too busy with work to look. He is the one I mentioned a few posts back, who gives so much of his time to produce my art leaflets. He is the one who was always there for me when I had car trouble and has rescued me more times than I can remember! Paul is the one person I am going to really struggle to live without. To say that I will dearly miss him just doesn’t cut it. The only consolation right now is that I will be seeing him in a few weeks when I go to Spain with my sisters to stay with our Mum. We will all have lunch with Paul and I hope that by then he will be settled and happily starting his new life in Spain.

My dear friend Paul

My dear friend Paul

Right now though – for Zoe, for Emma and for Paul, I am crying and though it doesn’t often happen with me, I’m very sad because I am missing all of them dreadfully.

2 thoughts on “Parting with loved ones always makes me cry.

  1. Oh Mick – this made me cry too. I’m thrilled that you’ve had such a great summer. What a relief that tourism is picking up again. I know how much we will all miss our Paul. We’ll be back in Crete the first week of October… hope to see you then.


    • Hi Nancy, thanks for your comments. Paul is keeping me posted on his journey via texts and I will feel alot happier when I know he has arrived safely, hopefully in a few days. Can’t wait to see you when you are back here on Crete. xxx

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