That Holiday Feeling

So here I am now, my first blog and it is both exciting and nerve-racking! Is anyone out there even remotely interested in me and my life? One of the many philosophies I believe in is ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’. I first thought of writing this blog about my life in Crete, around 2 years ago. But my life is so full that I just never found time to start it. I wanted to share my wonderful life with other people, to prove that if you really want something and are prepared to work hard enough for it, you can achieve it!
What 4 years ago seemed impossible, has now become a reality and I am still ’Living the Dream’.

My friend has come over for a week – my first guest of the season and I have been so excited! I am well organised for this season.

Greek Urn and Plant

One of my new designs for 2013

I built my stock up over the winter and I am ready with some great new pieces for the exhibition on the Harbour Front in Chania – next week. This is a major event for me and David Capon, who is another local artist here on Crete and we exhibit together to keep costs down.

I have given myself a week off to enjoy some hard-earned relaxation, great food and beautiful surroundings. I really feel as though I’m on holiday!  Over the next week I’ll be dining out lots, beachcombing, just lying in the sand and chatting, drinking with friends and generally just enjoying myself!


4 thoughts on “That Holiday Feeling

  1. Hi Hon

    Love your blog and can’t wait to see you soon. Hope I am the first to reply but probably not. Glad you are in such a good place in your life. Love you loads. Leonie xxx

  2. Great idea Chaela and you write so well, you really capture the “atmosphere”. Wish we’re there with you ! Miss you. Xx

  3. Hi Micheala,
    I’am staying at your mother’s house in Spain and read your blog. Super, especially the choises you made. I’am jealous you live there. More than 40 years ago I stayed every year 1 month on Crete. So it became a little bit my second homeland. It’s a pitty I have not been on Crete the last few year. I hope to go there in the not to distant future and maybe visit you.
    Lots of success and greetings,
    Joke Moonen

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