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I have been mega busy this past week and there are never enough hours in a day for me. What I really, really want is a cook and a cleaner! Now I must find time to write this Blog!
Hey… but I love it! I love my summer life in Crete,the selling on the beach, meeting tourists from past and present, enjoying the busy nights of wining and dining…. What a full and contented life I lead!

Every time one of my family come to stay, I am building more happy memories.
Living so far away from all my loved ones you’d think I’d see so little of them – but actually, the concentrated quality of a week or two, spent in a wonderful holiday atmosphere, is just an enormous bonus! Everyone leads such busy lives these days, that a holiday stay with me in Crete is 24/7 time together for all of us. I wouldn’t get this opportunity if I lived in the UK!
I have so many happy memories of holidays that my family and friends have spent with me. This will be my 5th summer of visits and as always, I am just as excited about them as I was that very first summer in 2009.
Tomorrow my sister, Leonie is flying from Pathos in Cyprus to stay with me for 6 days. I can’t wait!! She’s just an island hop away from me and with Ryan Air’s new schedule of Pathos to Chania – flying almost every day – it’s a little dream come true for us!

Leonie and I at the roof top garden

Leonie and I at the Almyrida Residence bar of the Roof Top Garden

Because we can make this affordable and convenient trip all year, we have been able to see more of each other than we would have done otherwise. Leonie visited me twice last year and I stayed for a week at her home last September when my Mum and sister, Karen were also there. That was our annual holiday together and we all really cherish it! Every year it is held in rotation, at a different family member’s home. This year we are all meeting at my Mum’s home in Javea, Spain. Next year it will be back here in Crete, with me again!

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