Quality time with my Mum

My Mum came to stay with me and I have had two whole weeks of quality time with her. It’s been a real chance for her to be a part of my life here in Crete and to see for herself how well my business is running. Of course I was selling for three days of each week, but Mum came along and sat on the beach behind me with her long-time friend, my Aunty Gaynor, who was staying at the Almyrida Residence for the same two weeks.

Aunty Gaynor, me and my Mum

Aunty Gaynor, me and my cool Mum in her shades!

On the days I wasn’t selling we took drives out to other local resorts, had lunch at various tavernas and played lots of canasta (a card game that all of my family have enjoyed all our lives). We dined out some evenings and had barbeques on my lovely balcony on the nights we stayed in. I am so grateful for this opportunity to spend time with my lovely Mum and I know she really enjoyed this holiday too. I have to say that she thoroughly spoilt me! Now that she has gone I really have missed her company but am glad that in September my sisters and I will be visiting her in Spain for a week, so that is something to look forward to.

Laden Donkeys

Laden Donkeys Design – 30 x 40cms

For the last few days I have been playing catch-up. I am so busy now that the season is in full swing and I am selling lots of pictures. All my non-selling days are spent producing designs to match demand. No matter how good I think my stock pile is, there are always seashell mosaics and collages that sell in numbers beyond my expectations. This is all good news of course, but also means I have to work harder! This year is the first time I will have six whole weeks without any visitors and it gives me some breathing space to build up more stock before my two daughters come out around the middle of August.


Seagulls Design – 3-panels 20 x 60cms each

I am the first to admit that I am not very good at photographing my designs! Because my mosaics are produced on boxed canvases and are therefore 3-D, it is extremely difficult to get them absolutely square. However, I can assure you that in real life, not only do they look more striking, but they ARE actually square!

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