A Close Friend returns to Crete for a Visit

The same Day my Mum left Crete, my friend Lisa came back for a visit. Lisa used to live in Crete and we became good friends through shared circumstances – we were both single!  About 18 months ago she met someone special and they both moved back to the UK for work and various other reasons. Many people I know here have to return to the UK for work as it is very difficult to find here on Crete.

I have really missed our ‘girly’ chats and her company so it is great to have her back, albeit for only a few days. She has family that live here – her Mum, her Uncle Ron and even her Gran, have all made their homes in the little villages near Almyrida.  She misses her Mum and bought one of my pictures for her.  This was a design I did especially for my own Mum as a Christmas pressie a couple of years ago.  This year I decided to test it out and made 2 for the exhibition in Chania earlier this year in May.  They both sold to Greek locals as it was Mother’s Day in Greece on the weekend I was exhibiting and I never realized this!

My Design for Mum

My Design for Mum

Lisa has been keeping me company whilst I am working on my seashell mosaics on the beach. Last night, Lisa, her daughter, Lucy (who also came for a holiday) and I, all went for a ‘Taverna crawl’ in Almyrida. We kicked off the evening with a bite to eat at one of the restaurants at the edge of the beach, then visited a few of our old haunts. Almyrida was buzzing with life, plenty of people about and lots going on. There was a band playing at Sirocco’s, Karaoke at Nikita’s and lots of people Lisa knew to welcome her back and to ask her when she was going to return for good!  If only… But anyway, we had a great time and stayed out until about 2am.

Lisa and I

Lisa and I having fun on our ‘Almyrida Crawl’!

Lisa loves living in Crete and would dearly love to move back, if only circumstances would allow it.  Like me, she feels right at home here and really didn’t want to go back to the UK. Sadly, she had to return today and once again, I shall miss her lots.

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