A Heartfelt Tribute to my Beautiful Sister Leonie

This is the hardest post I have ever had to write… but write it I will…for I must.

Two weeks ago today my beautiful sister Leonie passed away.  We are all devastated and cannot begin to describe how much we will miss her.

She had overcome some major difficulties these past couple of years, and was just beginning to rebuild her life when it was snatched so suddenly away. Leonie was my youngest sister and she was only 52 years old.

In spite of everything, Leonie always lived her life to the full. She stayed strong and coped with all her difficulties with dignity and integrity… and I admire her so much for that.

Sunny Leonie

Leonie… our Sunshine Girl. Last picture taken Sept 2017

Leonie was always loving, caring, thoughtful, generous and kind… and such good fun to be with! There have been so many happy times to cherish over the last ten years or so. Our family holidays every year at our respective homes in Spain, the UK, Crete and Cyprus. They’ve all helped to build such wonderful memories to cherish for always. Memories that we were so glad to have shared with her. Leonie… our sunshine girl. We will always celebrate your life and sunny nature.

Beautiful Leonie, inside and out. Know that you were loved very much. And I choose to believe that you are not gone from us. You may not be in Cyprus anymore… but you are everywhere now… in the UK, in Spain and in Crete. You ‘are’ where we are. You will remain forever in our hearts.

Family Holls Leonie's 50th Cyprus 2015

Family Holls – Leonie’s 50th, Cyprus Sept 2015

Family Holls Cyprus Sept 2012

Synchronised swimming – in Cyrpus, Sept 2012

Crete May 2013

In fits of giggles.. Leonie and I in Vangeli’s – May 2013

Family Holls in Cyprus Sept 2012

Family Holls in Cyprus Sept 2012

Crete June 2012

At the bar on the Rooftop of Almyrida Residence – Crete June 2012


Cyprus Oct 2008

Cyprus Oct 2008

3 thoughts on “A Heartfelt Tribute to my Beautiful Sister Leonie

  1. Michaela what wonderful words to describe our beautiful Leonie. You have painted the perfect picture of our dear sister who radiated sunshine, love, laughter and spirit. I love that you say she is with us everywhere now. We will miss her so much but we will never forget her….we have way too many happy memories to cherish for the rest of our lives.
    Love you sis
    Karen xxx

  2. I am so very sad to read your news about your beautiful sister, Michaela.
    She is obviously very well loved by you and your lovely family and will always be with you in your heart.

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