So Excited About Christmas!

Doesn’t time just fly?! Now I haven’t left enough time to write up this last post, for what has been an incredible and wonderful year for me.
It started off with my house move to what is undoubtedly my ‘dream’ home. Then my daughter Emma and now son-in-law Ash, got married right here on Crete and what a huge and wonderful family wedding that was! And let’s not forget the joy I’ve experienced being a ‘Yaya” to gorgeous grandson Ralph!

Granted I missed out on my annual exhibition on the Harbour Front in Chania and when you add that to the loss of sales on the beach (and I still blame Brexit!) – then money-wise it’s been the only and worst year in seven. But really – I can’t complain. In fact the unexpected poor sales were just the ‘kick up the arse’ I needed to broaden my marketplace – instead of relying on just one small holiday resort on Crete. Now my new Etsy shop – seashellBeautyinArt (link above on menu bar) has given me a world-wide marketplace and one that operates 24/7! What could be better than that? Well…fingers crossed – it’s still early days.

Right now, I’m almost packed and ready for my flight back to the UK at the crack of dawn tomorrow. I love Christmas in the UK – obviously because I can be with all my family, but also because I think England epitomises Christmas and does it like no other country can!

I can’t wait to see and play with Ralph again. It’s actually only been about a month since I was in the UK, but of course I still missed him – despite regular Skype contact. So Karen is picking me up from the airport tomorrow morning and Emma has managed to get tomorrow afternoon off. She is coming with Ralph to stay the night at Karen and Mike’s and I will look after Ralph all the next day while Emma’s at work. I am so excited!

cute as ever - Ralph!

Cute as ever – Ralph!

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone! My Mum has already arrived from Spain and is staying at Karen and Mike’s. Bless them both – they do end up running a hotel for family over the festive period! On Christmas Eve morning, Zoe and Rich will come to collect Mum and I, to spend Christmas at their lovely new home in Golcar, somewhere quite rural in Huddersfield.  Emma, Ash and Ralph will also be joining us and we will all stay at Zoe and Rich’s for 3 or 4 days. We are especially excited because Ralph will be sooo entertaining at the age he is now – just 13months old. It’s going to be just wonderful!

Then there’s my friends. I really hope to touch base with lovely Jill and Rick at some point and also Chris, who is a mutual friend and one I haven’t seen for at least 5 years! Chris moved to Spain about 10 years ago and is currently in the UK for Christmas too. I’m also looking forward to enjoying some festive drinks with my old chums, Fran and Ange on the Friday before Christmas Eve. We’ve already arranged to meet up at the Church Inn in Cheadle Hulme and will probably move on to John Millington’s til late so that should be fun!

I do so hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas too, and a healthy, happy and lucky New Year.

2 thoughts on “So Excited About Christmas!

  1. A very Happy Christmas and a Happy & healthy New Year! I hope 2017 continues to be successful for you and your new business venture in the Esty Shop.
    Enjoy the time with Ralph, beautiful child. I have enjoyed reading about your adventures, on glorious Crete!

    • Thank you so much for your lovely Christmas and New Year wishes. Apologies for this late response – I have only recently returned to Crete and am playing catch up! I wish you a very Happy New Year too and hope you stay healthy and lucky fopr all of 2017. Warmest wishes to you and yours. xx

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