Final Farewell to a Dear Friend

For the last few days I have been in mourning. I received sad and shocking news that my treasured buddy Paul has passed away suddenly.

Last September Paul left Crete to start a new life in Spain and two weeks after he left, my Mum, sisters and I met him for lunch when we were all in Javea for our annual get-together. We messaged over Christmas and New Year and he was happy and well in his new life there. I can’t believe this has happened and I still can’t quite take it all in. His heart just gave up and we were told that he passed away peacefully in his chair. His friend John, in Spain, told us that he appeared to be sleeping and had a calm expression on his face. I’d like to think that he knew very little or nothing about it and didn’t suffer.

My dear friend Paul

My dear friend Paul – a giant of a man with a big big heart

I wrote about Paul in this blog when he left to go to Spain (Parting with Loved Ones Always Makes Me Cry – posted Sept 7th). He was such a good friend to me. He is the one who found my lovely home for me when I was too busy with work to look. He is the one who gave so much of his time to design and produce my art leaflets. He was the one who was always there for me when I had car trouble and has rescued me more times than I can remember! He was a big guy but he had a big heart too and was a real softie. Derek, Jackie and I were his closest friends here on Crete and we have many happy memories of the great and fun times we spent with Paul on long walks, beachcombing and lovely meals out.

The funeral is tomorrow  and his brother Neil along with some of his friends, have flown over to Spain from the UK to pay their last respects. Unfortunately, we can’t do this so we have decided to meet up at one of Paul’s favourite spots on the beach, near the harbour in Almyrida. At the same time as the funeral is taking place in Spain – we will say a prayer for him, pay tribute to him and so be there in spirit.

Life, sadly is way too short, especially when it is taken away from you so soon and unexpectedly. Paul was only 55 years old and we, his friends, are only too aware of how life can be snatched away so suddenly. It just makes me think again, that I should try and keep living my life to the full because nobody knows what tomorrow may bring.

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  1. Thanks for your touching and sympathetic words, Fran. I’m sorry this reply is so late – I’ve been too busy to sort through the blog mail and have only just noticed your message. I agree with what you say about making every day count – it’s so true! Speak soon. Love and hugs xxx

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