Christmas is Nigh

I have been trying to cram in as much work as possible before I go back to the UK for Christmas and New Year. I leave Crete tomorrow to spend three whole weeks with my family and meet up with my closest friends to enjoy this festive time of the year. Christmas isn’t really celebrated here on Crete, well, not compared to the build up and atmosphere you get in the UK. Easter is definitely the biggest event in the Greek calendar year.

I am actually looking forward to the journey back this year as for the first time I only have to get two flights instead of the usual three. Out of season flights back to the UK are much more difficult and often cost an arm and a leg. So I made sure I booked well in advance and was thrilled to learn that EasyJet were flying direct to Manchester from Athens for the first time, saving me about £100 and several hours of journey time.

I have made a few plans already and I know that once I am there, these next three weeks will just fly by in a flurry of social gatherings and fun parties! My daughter Emma has taken the day off work on Friday so that we can go Christmas shopping together and the following Monday, my other daughter Zoe returns from Norwich, where she is currently doing her Master’s Degree and the three of us are going out to dinner in the evening. I am so excited!

I always stay at Karen and Mike’s (my sister and brother-in-law) not just because I am so very close to them but they happen to have the largest house and have ample room to comfortably accommodate visiting relatives like me! Our Mum is also going to be spending Christmas and New Year there too and arrives from Spain the day after me. Mum and I can’t wait to see their fabulous new extension which has only just been completed. It will be all hands on deck when we get there because Karen is so behind with all the Christmas preparations due to this extension. There will be lots to do as they are having 17 family members for Christmas lunch. Wow! Also, we will be going to a special gymnastics display where Karen and Mike’s daughter, Hannah is performing the day after tomorrow. Karen and Mike are also hosting a New Year’s Eve party and so their new and greatly enlarged open plan kitchen/dining room/living area will be perfect for all the partying we will be doing over this festive period.

I always return to the UK at this time of the year and due to luggage restrictions, will not be taking my laptop with me. Therefore, once again I will not be able to write this blog. But as soon as I am settled back on Crete after the 8th January I will reveal all!

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